Sound Quality of Acoustica Audio Converter

The sound quality of Acoustica Audio Converter Pro is leaps and bounds above the competition.  In addition to providing a high quality 32 bit floating point engine, the software anti-aliases every file with a high end IIR filter.  What does this mean in English?  What better way then to hear the difference?!?
ProgramConverting to an 8Khz WAV fileAnalysis
n/aoriginal.mp3The original sound of a human female singer. (Angelique_Kidjo-Sénié)
Fair Stairsfair-stairs.wavS's are very distorted and has weird warbling frequencies.  Audio content is very distorted and dirty sounding.
Alivealive.wavSounds better, although it is definitely muted and not as brilliant.
Acousticaacoustica.wavClean sound, crisp frequencies, even at 8Khz(Normally, you'd convert the sound to CD Quality or 44Khz, but this example exposes the quality issues with the other converters.)

If you are looking for good sound quality, you can count on Acoustica's audio engine.  Note that our new audio engine is also in Mixcraft.  We have plans to move it to the CD burner and our future projects!


Note that the only difference between the trial version and the paid version of our software is that you need to enter a registration code to make the trial version into a full paid version.  A registration will be emailed to you by purchasing the software.  Click on a Buy Now link to purchase a product.