More Drums! Analogania
Get crazy with analog drum hits from the craziest places. Looking for that unique sound? From "Ocean Kick High", "Submarine Short", "Evil 1", "Dentist On Mars" to "Kick Boxy", you'll be sure to capture that elusive fresh sound.
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Purchase More Drums! Volume 1
More Drums! Volume 1 Get more drum sounds for the perfect sound. 6 great drum sets that fit conveniently within your computer! Experiment with 143 more drum hits. Includes the Trap, Thunder, Acoustic, USA, Hard Rock and 70's sets.
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Purchase Beatcraft drum machine software! More Drums! Human Beat Box (FREE with your Beatcraft purchase!)
The More Drums! Human Beat Box sound pack lets you get down and funky. From 'Breath', 'Kick Flabby', 'Ughh', 'Thhhp' to 'Zzzzp', all sounds are recorded off an actual human!