Acoustica "Bug Masters"

These testers have greatly contributed to the quality of our software. Their efforts have really helped. If you are on the 'Bug Master' list and want to add more details like websites, etc, let us know.

If you aren't on the 'Bug Master' list, and you've tested in the past and we're just too dense to remember, send us an email to remind us. ;-)

We'll include images, websites, emails or whatever is desired! Its a small way we can say "THANK YOU!!!"

Ricardo Montoya
Ricardo's middle name could have been 'thorough'. Very willing to help and extremely helpful with 'Photos Forever'. He has worked with computers for a few decades as an industrial electronics tech. Now he uses computers for 'fun'. We are glad that he considers beta testing fun as well! :)

Chris Wagers
Chris has helped immensely with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.0 in 2004. Not only would he submit up to 20 bugs a day, but they would be detailed with video, graphics and other resources, which made it very easy to understand the bug through the confines of email!

Ronnie Nijmeh
Ronnie tested MP3 CD Burner version 1.0 like it was going out of style in back in 2001. We liked him so much, we hired him for 2 years. He's currently going for a degree in Business and we know he'll excel at that as well.

Mark Eggers
Mark started in computers with the days of the Apple II. This is when you would call a company and actually speak to the person who was writing the game or other program, like Scott Adams with his adventure game. He remembers using a cassette player to load a program and when a 10 meg hard drive or 32k of memory would be all you would ever need. Mark has been extremely helpful finding and helping to close bugs in Mixcraft and MP3 CD Burner 4.0.

Bill "The Geez" Hughes
Bill is a DJ and has put in a good number of hours with Mixcraft. Once the product was finally done, he put together a mix for the Acoustica programmers to listen to. It was a sort of virtual drive home music mix.

Peter Hegi
A long time beta tester for Acoustica from the Netherlands. We sincerely appreciate his dedication and efforts.

Ulf MÃ¥rtensson
Helped us nail some great tagging issues, burning issues and has also been a long time tester of the burner, converter pro and Mixcraft.

John Vickers a.k.a. Sony0
A solid, reliable tester whose been testing our software for at least 2 years! Visit his "Big Bear PC" business!