Mixcraft Beta

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Mixcraft 8.1 Build 418 12/13/18 Released
Please note - If you are using a licensed Pro Studio 8 and need the update, please contact betazoid@acoustica.com.
Important information if encountering a freeze! PLEASE WATCH!

Here are the changes in 417 since 416

  • Fixed issue with sidechain option where plugin windows were growing
Here are the changes in 416 since 415

  • Fixed bug with resizing plugins where you could get in a unresizable mode.
Here are the changes in 415 since 413

  • Fixed Melodyne bugs related to the new Melodyne 4.2
  • Fixed bug #10112. Undo of lane was creating double the slots.
  • Fixed problem where sidechain controls can move offscreen when in 2 line mode.
  • Fixed rounding error when at a tempo that can cause rounding errors. fix for bug #10214
  • Fix for removing time...not cutting clips that are barely selected.
  • Fix for not being able to delete some markers sometimes
  • Fixed issue with error dialog - attempting to write to a nullptr errorlog during mix down. now we display an error dialog if any plugins or anything went wrong during mixdown.
  • Potential fix for VST3 plugins when changing sample rate or buffer size of audio device.
  • Fix for bug #10158 - crash when bouncing a frozen track.
  • Fix for bug 10105 - dragging effects to hidden tracks. We now no longer allow drops on hidden tracks. DOH
  • Fix for bug 10199 - never ending loop looking for effect for audio control
Here are the changes in 413 since 412

  • Fix for IK Multimedia plugins mixing down to silence
  • Fix for some plugins crashing when mixing down
Here are the changes in 412 since 411

  • New splash screens
  • Fix for ASIO driver that reports a recommended size but doesn't allow for it with a new preference
  • Workaround fix for IKMultimedia Modo Bass and TRacks plugins
  • Dumb bug added in 411 which did not allow you to ctrl select piano notes.
  • Fix for VSTs that resize that do sidechaining. Was not updating parent window properly
Here are the changes in 411 since 408

  • Update Acoustica Instruments v1.462 to fix a few issues
  • Fix for loading a project with missing tracks that were selected
  • Bug #10023, fix for Strike VST not syncing properly to the current bar position.
  • Bug #10050, fixed glitch in Pro Studio Reverb caused by preset settings being global to all instances.
  • Fixed pin detection logic for VST and VST3 to handle second pin in a stereo set being marked as "mono".
  • Bug #10020, added importing of *.vstpreset files into VST3 plugins.
  • midi clips now locking.
  • a case where a note was not being selected if ctrl clicked and resized immediately. in the ctrl click case, we simply add it to the selected notes if it wasn't selected.
  • fixed vst resize - was going back and forth due to message queue
  • If undocked, we no longer put the focus back to the details. It makes sense and doesn't seem broken.
  • disabling/enabling effect in list view now reflects changes on gui effect list
  • can now drag effect to inst track when inst track is collapsed.
  • fixed auto-scroll bug when mouse was down in piano roll
  • Don't pre-mix instrument tracks in some cases
  • Updated FreeSound URL to use https and to remove the www.
  • Bug #10019, fix for Send mixer knob values not displaying properly after loading, if the Send track occurs before the track that is sending.
Here are the changes in 408 since 407

  • Fixed VST3 issue related to PianoTEQ
  • Fixed VST3 issue related to relatively long plugin names such as 'Izotope Ozone 7 Vintage Compressor'
  • Fix for freeze when clicking fx button on effect list on track to close fx (only in WaveRT)
  • Double clicking works when bringing up effects on track effect list
Here are the changes in 407 since 406

  • Fixed VST3 issue related to Helix Native
  • Optimized loading MIDI files with lots of markers > 500
Here are the changes in 406 since 405

  • new language files
  • added an undo freezer for cut and delete
  • fix for bug where quantizing start and end results in super small note. bug 9982
  • Updated build of SideKick6 (Pro Studio only)
  • Fixed crossfade bugs for 9965
  • Bug 9966 - Shift drag automation doesn't work for volume until you add pivot point
  • Bug 9983 - If you edit imported loops in simple mode, you end up editing the wrong field.
  • fixed rounding error when displaying marker time
  • right clicking on track header now keeping clip area focused.
  • Bug #9986, fix for Melodyne data not saving into backup files (because file object was not being closed correctly prior to file copy).
  • Title bar now updates after entering extension - bug 9973
  • no longer moves marker if just clicking on it without dragging. important due to zoom level. bug 9955
  • fixed focus issue. for bug 9967
  • bulletproof for situation where it would crash trying to draw a null text pointer.
  • Fix for bug 9985 - clips did not appear to obey tempo map.
Here are the changes in 405 since 404

  • Fix for crazy measure snapping bug that could return the current measure instead of the snap value measure.
  • Fix for updating sound tab after removing melodyne during an edit in external editor
  • Bug #9946, editing a sound with Melodyne, in an external editor, now warns the user that they will lose all Melodyne changes, and asks them if they want to proceed, instead of crashing.
  • Bug #9943, fix for immediate launch problem when triggering a Performance Panel set while previewing a clip.
  • Bug #9942, editing a MIDI clip no longer triggers notes on other Armed MIDI tracks.
Here are the changes in 404 since 403

  • Fixed freeze for bug#9939 related to focus issues when details are undocked
  • Still image optimizations
  • Fix for unmuting clips during loop/punch in out recording
Here are the changes in 403 since 402

  • added logic to set focus to clip area only if clicking some of the toolbar buttons, etc.
  • new german and greek strings
  • now drawing recording midi clip at correct z order.
  • fixed loading saved project restoring fx and inst dialog to proper locations
  • publish via mp4 for win 7 or higher
  • fix for focus issue related to transport and dialogs popping up.
  • Fixed imprecise pasting cursor.
  • Increased max # of MIDI controller faders to 64 (from 24)
  • Fixed minor drawing glitch.
  • take 2: Bug 9914 - Video playback froze Mixcraft
  • Fixed several small issues with Mackie control surface and the Master Track showing.
  • Can now arm pp for selected tracks at one time.
  • Possible Wine fix for Melodyne
Here are the changes in 402 since 401

  • Can now arm pp for selected tracks at one time.
  • Bug #9924, fix for glitches with too-fast filter envelope transitions.
  • if dragging and esc is pressed we do not unselect all.
  • now saving midi channel in midi control surfaces.
  • pasting to the piano roll after pushing master transport play button.
  • Another snap to previous snap time issue that should be snap to closest.
  • ME80 v2.4 with preset fix. (Pro Studio only)
  • Bug 9877 - Crash deleting video during playback
  • Fix for the way mouse clicking to set caret works in piano roll - now moves cursor to closest snap point. Also added a little leeway zone to snap new notes to the next slot if close by 3 pixels to next slot. (Workflow)
  • Bug 9914 - Video playback froze Mixcraft
  • Not adding Zip files projects to MRU
  • no longer skipping #s or accidentals on same note but of different octave.
  • if fx list dialog resized, it now remembers its last position.
  • fixed case where it was not adhering to bDoClobber flag in undo situations. It should never clobber in an undo.
  • fix for transpose midi clip not drawing notes on clip.
  • Bug 9904 - Loading project that had the video window open does not show progress bar moving properly
  • fix for sort value screwed up when changing to timestretch mode
Here are the changes in 401 since 400

  • fix for sort value messed up when changing to timestretch mode
  • Bug 9879 - No progress bar when rendering video if preview window is open
  • Bug #9903, fixed deadlock situation caused by changing presets in the instrument dialog. (introduced in 399)
  • Bug #9900, Mix To Stems's Ignore Automation flag wasn't working when mixing more than one track to stems.
  • Bug #9896, fixed mixer input label not initially showing up after New Project.
Here are the changes in 400 since 399

  • New German, Greek and Spanish strings
  • Optimized track code for GetNthTrackOfType (Will help with lots of Send or Submix tracks)
  • Bug #9888, added try/catch around code that adds saved project to Windows Recent Files list.
  • Added some locking to make sure only one thread at a time is using the inputPipe and outputPipes used in 32-bit VST hosting.
  • ME80 Version 2.4
  • Fix when double clicking clip that has melodyne and the details were collapsed.
  • Muting a MIDI track that has MIDI routing to another track could cause MIDI data to stay buffered into memory during playback.
  • Bug #9870, fix for crash attempting to use any ReWire device.
  • fix for selection rectangle at non 120 tempo
  • dealing with locking pan/vol to default envelopes
Here are the changes in 399 since 398

  • Fix for locked loop section after slot recording
  • fixed rounding selection error
  • Bug #9863, fixed issue where a disarmed MIDI track will stay respond to live MIDI if another track is armed.
  • Bug #9862, fix for freeze introduced in Build 398 when using external MIDI instruments.
  • Was not incrementing the render id for mixing down via stems.
  • [Bug 9861] Crash with automation lanes and dangling pointer
  • New german strings.
  • added safedelete for background and other dialog objects.
  • Bulletproofing for a rare crash
Here are the changes in 398 since 396

  • Pro Studio has new version of Melodyne with many bug fixes.
  • New Language Strings
  • Bug 9851 - Track Pan and Volume automation bug
  • added shadow on main play indicator
  • add a 'Remove' right-click menu item for plugins in Manage Plugins dialog
  • if extension fails we do not display dialog showing user that they have been extended by 0 days
  • added option to set focus to the effect chain dialog if closing an effect dialog. A workflow improvement
  • fixed rounding error with crossfade
  • Fix for loading projects with clips on submixes that were after missing instrument tracks.
  • sometimes the cpu status text would get cut off
  • ASIO Stop code now waits at most ~5 seconds (vs 25-30+ before) before giving up.
  • track-height issues when duplicating tracks
  • Bug #9849, Optimized the MidiEnvelopeValues code.
  • Fixed lost focus issue when clicking down on edit box. Keyboard control was not working.
  • fix for min/max of tempo
  • Added feature for qwe without focus of sound tab
  • Bug #9809, Mix-To-Stems now properly handles frozen instrument output tracks
  • Send tracks now mix when they are selected, even if there's no audio being sent to them. Also, loading a project with an open effect dialog on a Send tracks no longer comes up with the dialog thinking it's a Global effect.
  • error message when we can't load audio stream from video file
  • Bug #9563, MIDI now only gets sent to an effect if the effect's track is selected.
  • got rid of dangling effect ptr. No need for that.
  • Bulletproofing
  • Bug #9834, improved logic when saving a project as a MIDI file. Only drum tracks get assigned to MIDI Channel 10 now.
  • Added locking to all Warp Marker functions in PCMSound
  • Bug #9822, potential fix for freeze when sending clock data using Novation Impulse as a MIDI device.
  • Bug #9803, VST timing code is now more sophisticated, arpeggiator timing will no longer get thrown off by global effects with latency.
  • Bug #9794, fix for MP3 format information not always displaying correctly in Add A Sound dialog
  • Bug #9846, sidechain plugins now show up with the correct height if sidechain dropdown is on its own line.
  • fixed crash when master track was open with fx dialog up and then loading a project.
  • optimized warp markers for speed when zooming/ scrolling
  • Bug #9820, removed excess logging from Route To Track feature.
  • Bug #9819, Route To Track now sends VST/arpeggiator output from previous VSTs.
  • Bug 9830 - Crashes when duplicating track during perf. panel playback
  • Fix for crossfade glitch
  • Bug #9836, fix for Send MIDI Clock setting not getting saved/restored properly.
  • Bug #9845, fixed issues with channel pressure (aftertouch) messages not working correctly with VST3s.
  • Bug #9826, fixed major handle leak in VSTShellHost code, that could be triggered by some plug-ins while changing presets.
  • Bug 9838 - Library shows 0% while downloading large Freesound files
Here are the changes in 396 since 395

  • New Greek Strings
  • When reopening an fx dialog the default text for the meta preset was not set correctly when resaving.
  • Bug #9775, fixed Mix Stems Stereo/Mono switch to read render presets properly.
  • Bug #9777, fix for Send Tracks showing up in a send track's automation parameter list.
  • Adjustment on code related to midi recording. Was not deleting empty clips during recording
  • Fix for crash switching midi clip to major mode and then adjusting key.
  • Deleting empty user libraries - empty folders and empty mldb files in UserLibrarySounds
Here are the changes in 395 since 394

  • Fix for VST3 crash affecting a few VST3s
Here are the changes in 394 since 393

  • Ghost waveform no longer draws over master bar - due to fix in 393
  • Dragging non slider part of slidevil or pan slider and releasing off control, caused slider part to not show correct cursor next time.
Here are the changes in 393 since 392

  • Bug 9652 - Deleting imported sounds is not working apparently
  • Select "No automatable parameters" - Volume Env. line disappears
  • Fix for Windows 10 Creators Update breaking Wave mode.
  • Bug #8588, if the Details tab is undocked and minimized, and the user double-clicks on a sound to edit it, or selects Edit on the right click menu, or creates a new MIDI clip, etc., then the details tab window will be restored.
  • If the Video Preview window is minimized, and the user selects Show Video Window, then the Video Window will be restored.
  • fixed drawing glitches with ghost audio
  • fix for Alt+L being able to add lanes while recording.
  • fix for render progress bar logic.
  • Fix for crash when recording volume automation, caused by undo node not being created because nothing had changed.
Here are the changes in 392 since 391

  • Bug #9739, fix for problem restoring editor state in Overtones RVB500 VST3 plug-in, and probably with other plug-ins, too.
  • we now change grouped tracks, as well as selected tracks with the volume right click
  • no animation if in melodyne mode. It was too sluggish
  • Bug 9733 - When you search for automation params, there should be some positive feedback
  • New scaled way of drawing MIDI notes.
  • Bug 9734 - First library search only lets you type one letter until you re-select
  • Bug 9732 - 31 band not showing in its chosen category
Here are the changes in 391 since 390

  • Fixed important MIDI preview bug occurring during editing. Removed optimization causing mayhem. Related to bug 9724
  • Bug #9723, fix for situation where minimum value is larger than maximum value when editing an envelope point.
  • no longer updating value after every keystroke. Only updating on focus loss
  • Fix for resetting string for presets after clear his pushed
  • Bullet proofing to prevent crash if a clip has no buffer.
  • Fixed an issue undoing and redoing new MIDI notes multiple times when a clip is not at 120 bpm and is preview-playing. The notes would undo in the wrong position after the second redo.
  • Changed "Ms" to "ms"
  • if selecting a new preset in the instruments dialog expands the dialog and puts the bottom of it offscreen, move it back onscreen
  • multi-column submenus for our custom dropdown
  • More Unicode compatibility
  • Bug 9718 - Drag in undownloaded sound from freesound to perf panel - does not work
  • missing dropdown resource
  • listview loading bug
  • automation dropdown is now a CAcuCustomDropdown
  • updating help-button page-number links to align with updated manual
  • Updated help file
Here are the changes in 390 since 389

  • Fix for Gui markers getting out of sync with sound engine markers. (Was due to optimization in 389)
  • Freezing MIDI output track automation lanes when parent track gets frozen
  • When loading a project with a frozen instrument track, any instrument output tracks will also set themselves to be "Frozen"
  • Bug #9535, changed 'Mils' to 'Ms' which is technically correct.
  • "Sidechain Source" text is now properly vertically centered.
  • Send knob twiddling from external controller when locked to envelope and no points on envelope
  • Updating send knobs & mixer when envelope editing gets undone/redone (in cases when knobs locked to envelope and level at caret position would be affected by the editing)
Here are the changes in 389 since 386

  • Fix for mp4 loading crash on a few computers. Solution was to not call the frame retrieval function for things that end with .mp4.
  • automation updates/fixes
  • Process Send Automation even if there's no audio on the track.
  • Updated 32- and 64-bit ToneBoosters plugins that do not have issues with AMD processors or WINE.
  • Bug #9679, fix for Melodyne crash using 4-year-old Melodyne version.
  • Fixed undo/redo for creating ReWire device
  • Bug #9657, fix for undo/redo after selecting MIDI output device in the Synth drop-down list.
  • Bug #9685, fix for freeze hitting escape in Track Image Chooser dialog when focus is on the image list.
  • added Ctrl+F to freeze text
  • Bug 9166 - importing video doesn't create linked audio clip
  • Added logging if Melodyne data chunk isn't found in file
  • fixed 2 undos when recording slot with omni sampler.
  • Added audio/midi control to right click on fx
  • only stopping sound if the slot is a new one.
  • Bug #9672 - use the embedded Acid tempo for a sound if the mathematically calculated tempo is too far off.
  • Locked send knob now gets updated when clicking to set the caret on timeline.
  • Now drawing items when loading control surface. Fix for bug 9675
  • Fix for not being able to delete a parameter automation control...as the auto drop down kept recreating it if it didn't exist. Also - can now type in CC value as expected.
  • Bug 9673 - moving the mouse cursor over the library causes MIDI to play through the wrong track
  • refining conditions for calling SetFocusedInterface in library
  • not allowing auto-repeat to generate multiple sustain messages on mtk
  • Added code to add diagnostic technique to allow validation of audio data from plugins (In prefs on plugin page)
  • optimization / fix for slow loading / out of mem projects with lots of markers.
  • Bug #9670, fix for crash with too many nested submixes. (IE: 10 nested submixes)
  • Bug #9665, changing output track destination device no longer forgets the playback start time when "Auto Rewind" preference is set.
  • now we don't increment midi channel every time you edit a note. DOH!
  • Bug #9666, allow moving locked volume fader to adjust other linked faders.
  • Added bullet proofing - doesn't solve bug - but bulletproofing for scenario where slot's track ID is not jiving with track id with saved slot. (For project loads)
  • Bug #9657, fix for undo/redo loading the wrong device when selecting a MIDI output device.
  • Bug 9646 - Arrowing down in the library is not working right
Here are the changes in 386 since 385

  • New Orchestral Loops!
  • Min height for message box dialog
  • fix tooltips for automation lanes with empty envelopes (when envelope displays a slider value rather than actual envelope points)
  • Bug 9651 - Ctrl+A does not work in library simple view
  • bulletproofing - if marker at time 0 has no tempo event then we force it to have one.
  • selection rect fix so that it only selects the first item in the list instead of changing the selected clip every item - helps with speed and Melodyne
  • Bug 9648 - Editing library, last field is too small, doesn't resize
  • a couple library freesound bugs - downloaded items not showing up in downloaded-files list until Mixcraft restarts + downloaded-files simple view not sorted
Here are the changes in 385 since 384

  • Bug #9624, fix for Melodyne disappearing when moving a clip into the PP.
  • fixed midi recording due to MIDI optimization in 383.
  • Bug 9460 - Files showing in browse section where no folders have been added
  • Bug #9629, fix for adjusting pan changing pan value of linked Output track (which it shouldn't do).
  • Changed "Show Effect" to "Show Plug-In" in Audio/MIDI control dialog.
  • in case where track already existed - we were not creating a new undo event.
  • Bug 9634 - This mp4 crashes Mixcraft - fixed
  • Bug #9640, fix for Omni Sampler renders at wrong sample rate if there are > 1 sounds loaded.
  • We now thaw out frozen tracks containing linked clips being dragged
  • double clicking text track now adds text clip! (Bug introduced in 383)
Here are the changes in 384 since 382

  • Removing Melodyne from a sound now has undo/redo support
  • Waves virtual instruments no longer crash when using pitch bend/mod wheel
  • Waves plug-ins discovered and load faster
  • Undocked details tab no longer unresponsive during rendering
  • Fixed high frequency noise introduced when pitch shifting a lot.
  • Fixes for Favorites
  • Bug 9612 - Change instrument window: Favorites list shows more than 1 of a specific instrument
  • fixed undo node issue when dragging to create track.
  • fix notation scroll bug.
  • fix for bug 9362 - note was on staff line.
  • Melodyne window is now properly hidden prior to removing Melodyne from a sound in all cases.
  • fixed MIDI merge operation creating 2 undos.
  • fix for MIDI merge crash
  • tweaking multi-column dropdown scrolling
  • added Korean language
  • Bug #9574, Updated Example projects to not reference E: drive.
  • Bug #9610, Melodyne as an effect no longer plays back when previewing clips.
  • Bug #9510, Kastelheimer Veldberg XD noise generator is now at proper volume.
  • audio control was not allowing last param for effect to be automated.
  • mp4 custom dialog improvements
  • tabificating the mp4-options dialog
  • Bug #9595, fixed major audio synchronization issue caused by adding a new track during playback.
  • Latest version of SideKick6 sidechaining compressor.
  • Bug 9597 - Load in video twice and second time it freezes on audio file creation
  • fix for master track on mixer. Could not drag effects to master track on mixer if master track was hidden.
  • fixed skin bug
  • now setting edited flag if user cuts, pastes or clears via right click
  • refixed drawing glitch for dragging sounds. automation area and submix ghost area
  • fix for not removing last selected clip if dragging selection rect
  • fix for wrong filter details showing for midi save
  • Bug #9534, Video Preview window now shows up on taskbar.
  • progress bar for video loading
  • Bug #8588, undocked Details tab window now has an icon on the taskbar.
Here are the changes in 382 since 381

  • Added 64-bit versions of Tone Boosters plugins (EZQ,Ferox, TB Parametric, TB Gate & Time Machine )!!
  • Fixed last zoom scroll for midi clips
  • Fix for video image rotation
  • Not allowing modal dialogs to be non-modal from file dialog
  • Fix for dragging clips over perf panel causing visual glitch
  • Potential fix for no drive message
  • Important fix for freeze with external midi devices out.
  • Fix for visual glitch with crossfade look on clips in perf panel after dragging.
  • Fix for not allowing Melodyne data in perf panel. Also added dialog to allow easy mix down to perf panel
  • Fix for rare AIIF files that would not load
  • We now save Acoustica Studio Drums as MIDI drum tracks when rendering MIDI files
  • Bug 9570 - Reproducible focus issue
  • Bug #9523, Performance Panel clips with Melodyne no longer cause a freeze when played. Melodyne data is ignored & not recorded.
  • Bug 9558 - PNG files not showing up in add image dialog
  • added first click to add fx.
  • New preference: Solo parent tracks when soloing child tracks
  • Bug #9525, fix for EZ Drummer tambourine MIDI not loading right.
  • Fix for mix to stems with empty track names
  • Bug #9540, plug-ins like ez-drummer, when using their built-in sequencer, now stay in sync with Mixcraft when recording metronome count-in is used.
  • Bug #9565, fix for VocAlign VST3 plugin failing to load.
  • made ctrl+h and add sound consistent. can now add midi file regardless of selected track type.
  • Fix for title bar blemish during playback on some clips
  • fix for saving during recording first time - if using toolbar save.
  • Bug #9553, fix for possible buzz/noise problem when monitoring sidechain input while not playing back.
  • Removed call to initialize() every plug-in in order to extract number of input & output channels. This caused Waves plug-ins to scan VERY slowly.
  • Added splash screen progress messages when scanning shell VSTs (like Waves plugins)
  • Bug #9555, fix for reversed clips being affected by master volume.
  • Bug #9529, virtual instrument "tails" (and virtual instrument fx tails) are now included in Mix To New Audio Track
Here are the changes in 381 since 380

  • Fix for rendering effect/inst tails
  • Minor fix for retaining scale/drum map when merging midi
  • Fix for midi editing/clobbering ending up with small notes.
  • Minor fix for MIDI pan/balance text
  • Fix for track automation not processing when using Freeze or Mix to New Audio Track
  • Fix for freeze loading some videos
  • Fix for time sig changes occurring at wrong spot in saved MIDI files.
  • Fix for issues freezing instrument tracks with multi-out instruments
  • Fixed a little yellow cursor issue with the effect panel on tracks
  • Fix for project containing multiple send routing to same send track
  • Better crash logging and now reporting sndengine crashes to website
  • More Melodyne bulletproofing
  • MP4 rendering fixes
  • No note clobbering after editing note properties
  • Text and spelling fixes
Here are the changes in 378 since 375

  • Fix for favorites
  • Ability to rotate videos
  • Fixed solo logic to solo submix parents
  • Save format details for video fix
  • Center All Windows crash with MTK
  • Optimized Melodyne code to share windows and not crash due to using too many resources
  • Fix for copying audio editor type when copying clips
  • Fix for mix to stems audio setting
  • Redrawing buttons properly after changing text
  • Fixed menu to allow linking for video and text tracks
  • Metronome and preview not affected by main mix effects anymore
  • Playing markers after end of audio from marker list no longer starts playback from start
  • fix for infinite loop with bad audio device
  • Not allowing 24 or 32 bit audio for AVI files (which did not work)
  • Fixed melodyne getting bigger each time clicked
  • Major change. Multi-out instruments (including Omni Sampler-8) that don't have output tracks visible mix the audio directly to the stereo instrument output. So you'll still hear audio on instrument channels that don't have Output Tracks. Also, the preference to not create Output Tracks now created NO output tracks, so the instrument audio is mixed entirely to stereo.


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