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document 1110: I have Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista and cannot find recording source options I used to have in XP
With windows XP, recording source choices such as "Stereo Mix" and "Mono Mix" are apparent and readily available. Starting with Windows Vista, these choices are "hidden" by default. To enable them you need to unhide them and then enable each device you wish to use. 1. Right-click on the small...
03 May, 2016
document 1111: Can't Download Sounds In Library
If you can't download sounds from the library, here are some things to try: Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Try launching your Internet browser and going to a news article or website that you haven't been to. (This verifies that you aren't viewing cached content.) Make sure...
30 Mar, 2016
document 1112: Mixcraft freezes when I turn off my M-Audio Fast Track Pro
The solution to this is to avoid powering down the Fast Track Pro while Mixcraft is running.The problem appears to be in the Fast Track Pro"s audio drivers.
24 Apr, 2008
document 1122: While installing I get an error that says "Entry Point Not Found: The procedure entry point..." and "...could not be located in the dynamic link library..."
If you're trying to install Mixcraft and you get an error that a procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library, try quitting the installer, then deleting the DLL file that is mentioned at the end of the error from Mixcraft's folder. For example, if the file is called...
19 Sep, 2008
document 1143: I loaded my Mixcraft project and I can't see any waveforms in the sound clips!
In Mixcraft, click on the File menu and select Preferences. In the General preferences, click "Delete Temporary Files," then click OK to close the Preferences dialog and load the project file. If that doesn't fix the problem, please submit an Acoustica Support request.
05 Dec, 2008
document 1147: Where is my Mixcraft log file?
Starting way back in Mixcraft 4.5, the Mixcraft-log.txt file is no longer located in the Acoustica Mixcraft program folder. The new location is here: %appdata%\Acoustica\Mixcraft\ An easy way to pop up that folder is to select "All Programs" from the Windows Start menu, then choose "Acoustica...
14 Apr, 2015
document 1151: My mix sounds fine in Mixcraft, but the mixed down audio file has crackles and pops when I use certain third-party effects.
You may hear crackling and pops when you use certain third-party effects and then mix down. To get around this problem, try mixing down to 24-bit wave files rather than 16-bit wave files.
17 Aug, 2012
document 1158: When I record something, it plays back all speeded up.
In Mixcraft, click on the File menu and select Preferences. In the Sound Device preferences, try switching the sample rate to 44100 and the bit depth to 16-bit. If you're already using 44100, you can try switching to 48000.
15 Oct, 2009
document 1163: I have Windows 7 and I'm getting an error message that WMVCore.DLL is missing from my computer.
There are a couple of versions of Windows 7 that don't include Windows Media support. To fix this problem, you can download the Media Feature Pack from Microsoft: Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N and Windows 7 KN (KB968211)
22 Dec, 2009
document 1167: When I try to play certain chords or key combinations using musical typing, it doesn't always work!
Some PC keyboards do not support pressing more than a couple of keys at the same time. If your keyboard is like this, you may not be able to play certain chords using musical typing. The solution is to get a MIDI controller keyboard, like something from M-Audio or Korg.
17 Feb, 2010

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