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document 1171: I get an error that says "Exception 0x00AECCA1" and "Bad Elk/Corrupted Foo!"
If you see an error that says "Exception 0x00AECCA1 Bad Elk/Corrupted Foo," try downloading and installing a fresh copy of  Mixcraft 5 software from Mixcraft's download page. If you are a registered user of the current version of the software, there's no additional charge to download and...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1176: I installed an updated version of Mixcraft and now all the projects I saved in Mixcraft's folder are missing!
Mixcraft's installer doesn't erase existing projects automatically. If you have Windows Vista or higher, and you saved your project files in the Mixcraft folder, or anywhere inside your "C:\Program Files\" folder, the project files are likely still there, but hidden due to a Windows security...
28 Apr, 2014
document 1190: My antivirus program might be blocking the Mixcraft installation
If you have an antivirus software which uses a "sandbox" or "Safe Zone", and you are having trouble getting Mixcraft to install, you may need to disable the antivirus program before installing, or add Mixcraft to the list of safe programs within the antivirus software. Here's a video on ...
04 Mar, 2012
document 1191: I have Mixcraft 6 and all the text in the program seems like random characters or a foreign language!
You may have accidentally switched to a different language setting in Mixcraft 6. To fix this problem, open Preferences by pressing Ctrl+Alt+P and then click on the second list item. Choose "English" (or another language you'd like to see) from the first drop down.
08 May, 2012
document 1192: I was trying to install Mixcraft 6 and I got a sharing violation error!
 If you get a sharing violation error like the following while installing Mixcraft 6, quit all other programs and also close any folders that you might have open. "Encountered a sharing violation while accessing C:\Program Files\Acoustica Mixcraft 6\mixcraft6.exe."
15 May, 2012
document 1193: I was installing Mixcraft 6 and I got a decompression error (2026)!
If you get a decompression error while installing Mixcraft 6, it may be because your anti-virus program is interfering with the installation process. You can go into the settings for your anti-virus software and make sure it doesn't block the Mixcraft 6 install file from installing, or just...
15 May, 2012
document 1194: When I tried to install Mixcraft 6, I got an error that said "Archive Integrity Check Failed!"
 If you get an error message that says "Archive integrity check failed," try downloading the installer from this link:  Download full Mixcraft 6 Installer.
22 May, 2012
document 1195: I have 64-bit Windows and I'm trying to use ReWire with Mixcraft 6, but it's not listed as a ReWire application!
Since Mixcraft 6 is a 32-bit application, it needs to communicate with the 32-bit version of Reason. If you have 64-bit Windows, Reason will automatically install itself as a 64-bit application and it will use 64-bit ReWire. Here are instructions for installing a 32-bit version of Reason: 1....
22 May, 2012
document 1204: I'm getting no sound or low sound from my Mixcraft Vocal Studio microphone!
Windows will often set the recording volume for new USB microphones very low. You just need to go into your Windows control panel audio settings to turn up the recording volume. For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, right-click on the small volume control in your Windows task bar and and...
28 Feb, 2013
document 1205: How To Allow Mixcraft 6 To Communicate On Your Network
If you are having trouble downloading loops or setting up the soon to be released Mixcraft Remote Control, you may need to change your network firewall settings in order to allow Mixcraft 6 to communicate on your network.   A firewall is a way to control what software is allowed to...
03 Apr, 2013