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document 1097: Recordings Are Not In Sync
There are a couple of possibilities here: The starting position of my recordings is wrong. If the start offset of the recording is wrong, you can try the following suggestions: Adjust the sound manually Update your sound card"s drivers if possible. Check the sound card's website. Get a new...
16 Dec, 2008
document 1142: When I record something, the sound is only on one side!
It's common for guitars and microphones to provide a mono recording source. If you record a mono source, the audio may only be on one side: left or right. To solve this problem, click on the small arrow next to the Arm button on an audio track and select the side in which you're hearing the audio....
03 Dec, 2008
document 1156: Does Mixcraft have a "punch-in / punch-out" feature?
Mixcraft 6 does have a punch in / punch out feature. If you haven't checked out Mixcraft 6 yet, try it for free on the Mixcraft download page. For older versions of Mixcraft, here's what you can do: 1) Cut out the unwanted section of sound. 2) Arm another track and click Record. 3) When...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1172: My audio playback or recording in Mixcraft keeps stuttering, and increasing the buffers or latency doesn't help!
Sometimes slow hard drive access times can cause stuttering in recording or playback. If increasing the buffer or latency settings in the sound device preferences (File Menu > Preferences > Sound Device) doesn't help, and you have Mixcraft 5 or higher, try this: 1) In Mixcraft, click on...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1175: When I play audio in Windows Vista or Windows 7, I'm getting strange effects like echoing, or my audio just doesn't sound right -- even outside Mixcraft.
Somebody (or some program) may have inadvertently turned on unwanted audio enhancements in the Windows control panel. Here's how to turn them off: 1. Right-click on the small volume contol in your Windows task bar and select Playback Devices, or go into the Windows control panel, in the Sounds...
10 Jun, 2010