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document 904: How can I squeeze more songs on an MP3 CD?
If you aren't in a hurry, you can Acoustica MP3 CD Burner reconvert any files that are over a specific bit rate. Start the "MP3 CD Wizard" by clicking the wizard icon on the "Arrange Song List". Make sure you are in "MP3 CD" mode, first. Select "Next" Choose "Specify (for...
19 Jun, 2008
document 905: It burns too slow - How do I speed it up?
This depends on what type of CD you are creating.If you are creating an MP3 CD, click on the MP3 CD wizard icon on the right side of the "Arrange Songs List" and click "Next". Then select "Fast" and click "Finish". Note that in fast mode, song/track order cannot be preserved and all conversions...
16 Apr, 2008
document 906: After burning, the CD/DVD appears blank!
Due to ASPI layer system conflicts, you may need to quit MP3 CD Burner in order to play or view the CD you have just burned. This should only happen when using the Goldenhawk burning engine.
16 Apr, 2008
document 907: Why is there is a 2 second gap between songs!?!
It means that most likely you are burning with IMAPI on Windows XP. Mp3 CD Burner has two different burning engines it can use: Goldenhawk and IMAPI. IMAPI is Windows XP's own burning engine software. It does not have the ability to burn CDs with no gaps between the tracks. If IMAPI is on,...
30 Apr, 2015
document 908: How do I change to MP3 CD mode?
Acoustica MP3 CD Burner defaults to Audio CD mode which burns audio CDs playable in most standard CD players.To switch to MP3 CD mode, click the "MP3 CD" radio button.Alternatively, select "MP3 CD Mode" from the "Song List" menu.
24 Apr, 2008
document 909: I got an IMAPI_E_LOSS_OF_STREAMING error
This may be due to a "buffer under-run." When you burn, try lowering the burn speed to 4x or lower. If your computer hasn"t been restarted in a while, try shutting down and restarting before you burn. Quit any unnecessary programs that may be running in the background.
24 Apr, 2008
document 910: I have Windows Vista and I'm getting SCSI errors and/or my drive isn't recognized.
First, install the latest version of the CD Burner HERE Quit MP3 CD Burner if it is running. Download Frog ASPI. Choose the one that has been renamed as wnaspi32.dll and place it in your Program FilesAcoustica MP3 CD Burner folder. Open up MP3 CD Burner, click on the File menu, select...
30 Apr, 2015
document 911: Illegal command request
Try turning off CD-Text. In Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, open the File menu and select "Preferences." In the "CD/DVD Burner" preferences, remove the checkmark next to "Use CD-Text if supported." If that doesn"t help, you can try downloading a new ASPI driver. If this doesn"t fix the problem,...
01 May, 2015
document 912: Burning a CD does not finish.
One of the most common problems is that the computer can't keep up with the CD recorder. The CD-recorder needs a constant stream of data from the computer. If it is interrupted too long, the burn will fail! Here are some things to do to troubleshoot a burn failure. Try a burn in "Test...
19 Jun, 2008
document 913: I get an IMAPI_E_GENERIC error when burning a CD!
Try lowering your burning speed to 4x and selecting the "Convert all files to wave" option. If that doesn't correct the problem, open MP3 CD Burner, click on the File menu and select Preferences. In the CD/DVD Burning preferences, uncheck the "Use IMAPI for burning" option. If your CD drive...
30 Apr, 2015