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document 1203 - INFO: Plugin Compatibility List
Here is a list of plugins (VST, VSTi and DirectX) we have tested with Mixcraft 6 and above. This list in no way covers every plugin that will work with Mixcraft, in fact most will work. We simply cannot test every plugin available, there are too many. If you have a plugin that you believe should...
16 Feb, 2013
document 1076: How Can I Disable Certain Effects From Loading?
In Mixcraft 7, click on the File menu, select Preferences and then Manage Plug-Ins. Remove the check mark next to any plug-in that you don't want to load. Mixcraft 6 has two files, which you can edit to exclude effects from loading. In Mixcraft 6, they are located here:...
13 Aug, 2015
document 1077: How Do I Add A VST Effect?
VST effects are actually .DLL files. Download and install your VST file (.DLL) into your VST folder and then restart Mixcraft. Your new VST effect should now be in the effect drop down lists. If you don"t know where your VST folder is, you can create a new one and then add it in the VST...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1078: How Can I Hear Effects During Recording?
Some sound cards or USB devices have a way to monitor the live recording independent of Mixcraft. However, if you"d like to hear the effects during recording, you"ll need to disable the sound device"s monitoring and use Mixcraft"s monitoring system. For example, if you are making a weird...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1079: ...MFC71.DLL was not found... Error Message
This error indicates that a third-party DirectX plugin is not loading properly. The easiest fix is turning off the loading of DirectX effects: In Mixcraft, click on the File menu and select Preferences. In the Miscellaneous preferences, turn off the "Load DirectX Effects" option. If you want...
14 Apr, 2009
document 1116: My effects plugin is causing latency!
Some effects plugins don't report the amount of latency they are creating to the host program (Mixcraft, in this case). Voxengo has created a free plugin that can help with this. It's called Latency Delay, and you can download it from one of the following links: ...
08 Dec, 2008
document 1119: How can I change the sound of my voice using Mixcraft?
 There are several different pitch-shifting or vocorder plugins available. The most famous, and perhaps the most widely used by professionals, is Antares Autotune. The unique, slightly robotic singing voice sound you can produce with Autotune first became famous in Cher's hit Believe, in...
03 Sep, 2008
document 1169: My Auto-Tune vocals are out of sync or the key is off when I mix down!
When an Antares Auto-Tune is initially loaded, it detects the sample rate of the sound on the track. If you change the sample rate, or mix down to a different sample rate, the timing might be off, or the key might change. To avoid this problem, make sure that you mix down using the same sample...
07 Mar, 2010
document 1170: Why do I keep hearing beeping or other extra sounds when I use certain effects?
Some VST or DirectX plugins from other companies will start adding random beeps or other sounds to the effect when their trial periods run out. If this happens to you, consider purchasing a license for that effect from the company that makes it. If you don't want to do that, try finding a...
05 Mar, 2010
document 1211: Authorizing EZDrummer Lite in Mixcraft.
Once you've installed EZDrummer Lite, you'll need to authorize it in Mixcraft. 1. Launch Mixcraft. 2. Click "Change Instruments." 3. Choose "VSTi Instruments" in the Category list and "ezdrummer" in the  Instrument Preset list. 4. Click "Show Details" if needed. 5. Click "Edit" to bring...
01 Oct, 2013

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