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Burning Your Photos
document 964: It fails to find a supported CD/DVD burner!
This is the worst problem to get with this software, because it is essentially useless if it cannot find a supported CD or DVD burner! There are a couple of things you can try, though. If it is a USB or external burner, make sure it is plugged in and connected first! Try switching burning...
19 Jun, 2008
document 965: After burning, the CD/DVD appears blank!
Due to ASPI layer system conflicts, you may need to quit Photos Forever in order to see the photos you have just burned. This should only happen when using the Goldenhawk burning engine.
11 Apr, 2008
document 966: What does reordering do?
Reordering is a very handy way of making sure that your photos are easily identifiable. For example, you may have 10 folders filled with images from your digital camera and they may be titled "dig-camera001" thru "dig-camera200". However, when you print out the thumbnails, it will show the name...
19 Jun, 2008
document 967: Include "Photos Forever" installer?
This is a handy way of distributing the software to friends and family that may want to try it out. And it provides for an easy way of making a backup copy of a CD. It will create a file called "Photos-Forever.exe" on your new CD. Run this and it installs Photos Forever again. If you then select...
11 Apr, 2008
document 968: Burn failures troubleshooting
There are many many reasons why a burn can fail. Here are some things to check: Try a different blank CD or DVD. Do a test first Try a different brand of blank CD or DVD. Sometimes Sony CDRs work better with Sony burners or TDK"s get along better with Samsung burners, etc. Turn off...
19 Jun, 2008