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document 989: How can I apply RIAA equalization to my recordings?
If you don't have a phono preamp and the bass level in an LP recording sounds weak, you can adjust the EQ of the recording. On the Preview & Edit screen, try choosing the Vinyl Clean and EQ cleaning effect. To further tweak the EQ, click on the Customize button, select Acoustica EQ and...
19 Jun, 2008
document 990: How can I put my recorded tracks on my iPod or other MP3 player device?
After you've recorded the audio and processed it, just keep clicking Next until you get to the "Burn a CD / Create Audio Files" screen. Click the "Create Audio Files" button and choose the MP3 format. For many MP3 players, you can just open up Windows Explorer and then drag the finished MP3 tracks...
19 Jun, 2008
document 991: Reduce Tape Noise Hiss or Hum - Noise Removal
Step 1: Load An Existing Recording or Record A Tape Run the software and click "Load A Sound File" or go through the steps to record a tape Step 2: Select A Noise Reduction Effect On the bottom of the "Preview And Edit Your Recording" screen, you will be able to choose "Tape Noise BeGone"...
24 Apr, 2008