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Standalone Host
document 1127: Important Sound Setup Information
When you first start Pianissimo in stand alone mode, you should make sure that the audio latency response is set up properly.  All sound devices and sound cards are not created equal and some have better performance than others.  In addition, your computer's speed will make a difference...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1133: How Can I Record A Duet By Myself?
It's easy, with Pianissimo's Stand-Alone version.  Pianissimo features two tracks: the Left Hand track, and the Right Hand track.  Now, you can record anything you want on these tracks, the names of the tracks are just there to help remind you what is on each track.  The Left Hand...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1138: Can I record left and right hands at the same time?
The Left Hand and Right Hand tracks in Pianissimo are named Left Hand and Right Hand as a helpful guide, but you can record whatever you'd like on either track.  Arm either track and press Record, and you can record an entire composition. If you wish to record each hand separately, it can be...
26 Nov, 2008