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document 1157: Is your software available in other languages?
There are some versions of Mixcraft, Spin It Again and Pianissimo in other languages. Please contact the local website for support. Here is a link to the German versions of Mixcraft and pianissimo: /index.htm#acoustica Mixcraft in Portuguese: ...
08 Oct, 2010
document 1159: Is there special pricing for schools?
Acoustica offers special educational lab license pricing: ndex.htm
10 Nov, 2009
document 1179: You can merge looped audio or instrument clips into a new, single clip.
Many people do not realize that you can merge a looped clip into a new, single audio clip. Just select the looped clip and press Ctrl+W or select "Merge to New Clip" from the Sound menu. Why would you want to do this? Let's say you've looped an instrument clip and you decide you want to change...
18 Aug, 2010
document 1184 - FAQ: How to set up "Always Run As Administrator" for Mixcraft
If you are logged into your computer as a user with restrictions, or an admin user other than "Administrator", you can set Mixcraft to "Always run as administrator" to work around some of the security issues introduced with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Right click the Mixcraft shortcut on your...
06 Feb, 2011
document 1196: I already own Mixcraft. What are my upgrade options for Mixcraft 6 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 6?
 Go to the Mixcraft upgrade page and enter your registration email in order to retrieve your Mixcraft registration email. Your registration email will have a coupon code and a link that you can use to get the special upgrade deal. Here are some examples of upgrade prices: Mixcraft 5 to...
20 Nov, 2012
document 1197: What's included in Mixcraft Pro Studio 6?
Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 includes a total of 55 virtual instruments and effects.  In addition to the list of effects and instruments included with Mixcraft 6, with Pro Studio 6 you get the following additional virtual instruments and effects: Virtual instruments Pianissimo Grand...
22 Jun, 2012
document 1198: Can I run Mixcraft on a Linux computer using WINE?
Mixcraft generally works very well on a Linux computer running WINE, but there are a few known issues. We have a Google document with the latest information about WINE compatibility. Recommended setup for Linux computers: Ubuntu + WINE + WINEASIO 
10 Jul, 2012
document 1201: What happened to the "Download All" button in Mixcraft 6's library?
 If you want to download all the loops in Mixcraft 6's library at once (watch out, it might take a while), change the Library setting to All, then right-click to select "Download All in View."
21 Aug, 2012
document 1202: What's included in Mixcraft 6 Home Studio?
You can have up to 16 tracks and it comes with over 2000 loops. Virtua l instruments: Acoustica Instruments Impulse Messiah Mimimogue VA VB3 Organ Effects: Acoustica Chorus Acoustica Compressor Acoustica Delay Acoustica...
27 Sep, 2012
document 1207: End-user agreement for Mixcraft 6
 END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR Mixcraft 6. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THIS PROGRAM INSTALL: Acoustica, Inc. End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single...
28 Mar, 2013