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document 1207: End-user agreement for Mixcraft 6
 END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR Mixcraft 6. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THIS PROGRAM INSTALL: Acoustica, Inc. End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single...
28 Mar, 2013
document 1212: Easy time-stretching in Mixcraft!
Time-stretching allows you to change the playback speed of an audio clip without changing its pitch. For example, you could speed up a vocal without having the singer sound like a chipmunk. Just hold down the Ctrl key and drag the end of an audio clip in or out to time-stretch it!
11 Oct, 2013
document 1213: Advanced tip: clip level automation vs track level automation
Clip automation is processed before the effects are processed. Volume and pan track-level automation is processed after the effects are processed. This can be important in some cases, for example, when an effect is mono-only, it doesn't do any good to automate pan at the clip level, because the...
19 Nov, 2013
document 1214: Quick tip: move a clip straight up or straight down and not side to side
Use the shift key when dragging a virtual instrument or audio clip to restrict its movement horizontally. When holding down the shift key, the clip will only move up or down, not side to side. This can come in handy when you want to movea clip to another track while staying at exactly same the...
22 Nov, 2013
document 1215: Quick tip: where you use the mouse wheel in Mixcraft 6 can determine whether it zooms or scrolls.
If you use the mouse wheel over the track area on the right or over the piano roll, it will zoom in or out, but if you use the mouse wheel in the left section of the track area, it will scroll up or down.  This is a simple way to switch between scrolling and zooming. Bonus tip: you can also...
27 Nov, 2013
document 1216: Quick tip: how to add extra space to the beginning of your project.
 Have you ever wanted to add some extra stuff to the beginning of a project? Just drag a highlight in Mixcraft's timeline that corresponds with how much extra room you need, then right-click on the highlighted timeline and select "Insert Selected Time." We also have a Mixcraft Mini-tip video...
03 Dec, 2013
document 1217: Tip: double-click to the left of a track to select all the clips on that track.
Here's an easy way to select everything on a track: simply double-click in an empty area to the left of the track. You can then move all the clips, delete them, merge them and so on.  
03 Dec, 2013
document 1218: Tip: mix down only selected area.
You can highlight any part of your project and then mix down only the selected area if you choose the "Use Selection" option. 1. Select any part of your project. 2. Choose "Mix Down to..." from the File Menu, then choose MP3 or another format. 3. Click to add a check next to "Use Selection." ...
12 Dec, 2013
document 1219: Tip: Q, W, and E keyboard shortcuts for MIDI Editing.
While editing MIDI, you can quickly switch between the three different modes using the Q, W and E keys.  Press Q to choose the selection tool and select notes. Press W to choose the pencil tool and add notes. Press E to choose the eraser tool to erase notes.  
12 Dec, 2013
document 1220: What frequencies does the 3 band EQ in Mixcraft use?
 Here are the stats for the Mixcraft mixer's 3-band EQ: "Low" - Low shelving EQ at 125 Hz "Mid" - Standard peaking EQ at 2500 Hz "High" - High shelving EQ at 8000 Hz
07 Jan, 2014

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