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Authorizing EZDrummer Lite in Mixcraft.

Article ID: 1211
Last updated: 01 Oct, 2013

Once you've installed EZDrummer Lite, you'll need to authorize it in Mixcraft.

1. Launch Mixcraft.

2. Click "Change Instruments."

3. Choose "VSTi Instruments" in the Category list and "ezdrummer" in the  Instrument Preset list.

4. Click "Show Details" if needed.

5. Click "Edit" to bring up EZDrummer's interface, which will include additional instructions.

Click "Change Instruments" on an Instrument track in Mixcraft, then choose "VSTi Instruments" and "ezdrummer." Finally, click "Edit" and following the onscreen instructions.

Article ID: 1211
Last updated: 01 Oct, 2013
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