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Mixcraft 6 Reviews

Electronic Music Magazine Mixcraft 6 Review

Mixcraft has fast, smooth workflow and tons of content. It’s set apart by video capabilities that beat any music DAW, regardless of price. If anything ever qualified as the “direct-from-garage-to-YouTube” program, this is it.

Electronic Music Editors Choice Award

Recording Magazine Mixcraft 6 Review

Finally, a feature-rich DAW that almost anyone can use (without a manual)! This is a remarkable product at a very reasonable price.

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Recording Magazine Mixcraft 6 Review

Music Tech Magazine Mixcraft 6 Review

Acoustica has added an abundance of high-end effects, VIs and loops to the new version of Mixcraft.

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Music Tech Value Award

Making Music Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio Review

Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio rates very high on features, remarkably high on ease of use, and most impressively on price point.

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Making Music

Sound On Sound Mixcraft 6 Review

The key features of Acoustica's Mixcraft have always been affordability and ease of use. Version 6 builds on these strengths but also adds a new Pro Studio edition.

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Sound On Sound

Computer Music Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Review

Acoustica continue to improve the software with powerful, professional features, and PC users looking for a refreshing change from cluttered, over-the-hill production environments might thrive in Mixcraft's tighter, tidier world.

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Computer Music

Keyboard Magazine Mixcraft 6 Review

You really can’t get any more for any less, and you get much more than you’d expect – making this a no-brainer of a Key Buy. Read full review Keyboard Keybuy Award

Keyboard Magazine

Professional Sound Magazine Mixcraft 6 Pro Studio Review

All in all, Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 is like the Swiss Army Knife of the audio software world. Read full review

Professional Sound Magazine Mixcraft 6 Pro Studio Review

PC Advisor Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Review

There is enough power in Mixcraft to have you sitting back in disbelief at the amazing quality of what you can create, and just how quickly it can all come together.Read full review

PC Advisor Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Review

Harmony Central Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Review

[Mixcraft] has always had the reputation for being inexpensive and easy to use, and pulled off the delicate balancing act of being powerful enough to be satisfying, yet intuitive enough not to be frustrating. Mixcraft 6 manages to keep that balancing act alive, despite adding more depth and power.

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Harmonycentral Review

NZ Musician Mixcraft 6 Review

Mixcraft 6 is so user friendly you may wonder why other DAWs don’t have some of the features it has. For example, what other program do you know that has a handy guitar tuner built into every track?

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NZ Musician Mixcraft 6 Review

Musicradar Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Review

Mixcraft becomes a serious DAW contender.

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STUDIO Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Review

A program to work as a music partner in the longer term.

*Note: The review is currently only available in Swedish.

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Music Teacher Magazine Mixcraft 6 Review

Ideal as an introduction to recording in schools.

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PC Pro Acoustica Mixcraft 6 review

A surprisingly well-featured and usable digital audio workstation at an attractive price.

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PC Pro Recommended Award

Mixcraft 5

Music Teacher Magazine "An inspiring and ideal introduction to recording."
–Tony Cliff, March 2011
Music Teacher Magazine review of Mixcraft 5
Recording Magazine "This new version blurs the distinction between 'entry-level' and 'full-featured' DAWs." –Recording Magazine, October 2010 Recording Magazine October 2010 review of Mixcraft 5
Sound On Sound Magazine "Mixcraft continues to be both good value for money and, as promised, easy to use." –Sound On Sound Magazine, September 2010 Mixcraft 5 review -- Sound On Sound Magazine
Music Tech Magazine "Packed with a staggering array of features."
–Music Tech Magazine, May 2010
Mixcraft 5 review -- Music Tech MagazineMusic Tech award
Keyboard Magazine "Mixcraft goes the extra mile."
–Craig Anderton, Keyboard Magazine, May 2010
Mixcraft 5 review -- Keyboard MagazineKeyboard KeyBuy award
Computer Music Magazine "Mixcraft remains an accessible , affordable and stable application that enables you to make music quickly."
–Computer Music Magazine, May 2010
Mixcraft 5 review -- Computer Music MagazineComputer Music Editor's Choice awardComputer Music Value award
EQ Magazine "Mixcraft is an overachiever."
–Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine, May 2010
Mixcraft 5 review -- EQ Magazine

MusicRadar 9/10 stars - "If Acoustica keeps improving Mixcraft at the current rate, its users may not feel like they need to go anywhere else." Mixcraft 5 reviewed by MusicRadar
Houston Music Reviews - "If you find yourself pulling your hair with the complexities of your more expensive DAW - spare yourself the trouble and give Mixcraft a spin!" –A. Dorian Mixcraft 5 reviewed by Houston Music Reviews
PC World - "$75 for a program that has a variety of pro-quality track and mastering FX, eight virtual instruments, rock-solid recording and editing, [...] a sound library and notation? Get outta town." –Jon L. Jacobi Mixcraft 5 reviewed by PC World

Gearwire.com - "Acoustica Mixcraft 5: To Call It A Major Upgrade Would Be An Understatement" —Owen O'Malley

Pro Sound News - " I’d also never seen so much attention showered on Mixcraft 5, a $65 DAW from Acoustica, that delivers much of the big boys’ bang for much less bucks. Keep your eyes on this program. " —Craig Anderton
  • Classroom Music Magazine - "The whole program is inspiring and ideal as an introduction to recording in schools. The program is a real bargain at its price and I highly recommend it." —Tony Cliff, Freelance Composer and Performer
  • Viddler.com July 2008 - Video review comparing Garageband to Mixcraft 4.
  • Sound On Sound Magazine May 2008 - "Acoustica's inexpensive and easy-to-use sequencer continues to impress with the addition of MIDI tracks and VST Instrument support!" - Paul Sellars
  • Keyboard Magazine Key Buy Award May 2008! - "What you get for your money here is just unreal. Unreal enough to win a Key Buy? Hand down!” - Craig Anderton
  • Computer Music Magazine May 2008 (winner of CM's Value Award!) - "Mixcraft 4 is a great application and possibly represents the best solution yet for PC-based computer music novices." - Lee du-Caine
  • MusicRadar.com April '08 (4/5 stars) - "Mixcraft’s incredibly reasonable price point and solid features make it one of the most value-packed DAWs we’ve seen to date, and we don’t hesitate to recommend it to those looking to get started or to anyone seeking a more straightforward experience than that offered by the majority of music applications."
  • Oceana Digital Media News Mar '07 - "A surprisingly well featured, very capable DAW platform."
  • Keyboard Magazine's Stephen Fortner January 2008 NAMM video interview. Part 1 - Part 2.
  • Gearwire.com Jan 2008 NAMM video interview.
  • Sound On Sound Nov '07 - "With unlimited audio tracks, support for VST and Direct X effects, and an intuitive interface, Acoustica’s Mixcraft offers a lot of recording potential for not a lot of money."
  • Technology News Mar '07 - "Acoustica's Mixcraft turns a computer into a recording studio, allowing musicians and podcasters to create polished compositions. The software is designed for both novices and those with more experience in home recording. What is very nice about Mixcraft is how easy it is to get the sound into the program. You can drag and drop sound files onto a track, or record audio directly."
  • ITP Technology review of Mixcraft 3.0 (4/5 stars) - "Mixcraft 3 by Acoustica is a multi-track audio recorder that lets you to record your own band, remix a song you like or simply create an entire song from scratch."
  • Jack Ludington's MediaBlab - "Mixcraft is the Windows equivalent to GarageBand."