Make sure you have a working ASPI layer!
This techno-speak means that the software that allows your computer to "talk" with scanners and CD-recorders may not be configured correctly or is not up to date!

Try these options :

1.) Switch the ASPI layer. (No additional downloads necessary.) In Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, click the Preferences from the File menu. Click on the "General" tab and toggle the "Use Acoustica ASPI" to be unchecked or checked. (The opposite of what it was before.) Click OK and you'll have to restart the program. Hopefully, when you restart MP3 CD Burner, you'll see your CD drives and CD burner!

2.) You may need to install another ASPI layer. We recommend that you re-run the Acoustica MP3 CD Burner installer and on the "Optional ASPI Layer Installation" page, check both ASPI options (Acoustica & Adaptec) and proceed with the installation. You will need to reboot. If it still doesn't recognize the ASPI layer, try step 1 again. If do not remember where the installer is, you can download it again here.

11/05/02 - Acoustica ASPI drivers provided by Nexitech! Download and install the NexiTech ASPI! This will help with the memory leak and other performance issues when using "Acoustica ASPI".

3.) For Win95 ONLY!!! .
  • A. Go to Adaptec's page
  • B. Download and install aspi32.exe. Note that Adaptec will install this if you have Adaptec hardware or software.
  • C. Restart your computer
  • D. Re-run MP3 CD Burner to see if it recognizes the recorder yet.
  • E. Make sure that you have unchecked the "Use Acoustica's ASPI driver" and restart the software as necessary. (See the above image.)
4.) For Win NT, 2000 or XP ONLY!!.
  • Download the Desernet Broadband Media, Inc driver (wnaspint.dll)
  • Place the wnaspint.dll in your Windows/System32 directory
  • Restart MP3 CD Burner to see if it recognizes the recorder yet.