Did you know that half of all photos are now digital? And, of those photos, most are transferred to a computer and never backed up?!? Your most precious memories are at the mercy of a hacker, a new strain of virus, or a simple, common every day computer crash. If you have 1000's of photos, backing them up over multiple CDs could be quite a daunting task! But with Photos Forever, it's boiled down to a few clicks. It finds your photos, where ever they might be. It tells you how many CDs or DVDs you'll need and then proceeds to burn them! After each disc is done, a sound chimes to let you know it's ready for the next one! After the discs are created, it'll even print out a convenient 'key' list so that you can reference what picture is on which CD!! Walkthrough Buy it now for the extreme low price of $14.95!

Product Features

  • Easy to use multi-CD/DVD Photo CD/DVD backup system!
  • Finds your photos where ever they may be.
  • Prints out a very handy photo key list so you can match up the photos to the CDs
  • Backs up your JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG and raw formatted photos
  • Literally back up all your photos in 5 clicks, including the one to launch the software!
  • CDs created will play back in DVD players that have support for "JPEG Photo CDs"
  • No typing necessary!
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Screenshot Photos Forever

"Very neat and effective. Easy to use and offers a wonderful way to provide backup with ease. I recommend it highly..."

- Jim McAllister

Ava, MO


Simple Walk Through Step 1:

Find your photos. Simply check or uncheck the ones you want as it instantly finds all your photos. If you are allergic to folders, this is your ticket to convenience! Click 'Next' once it finds them all.
Photos Forever screenshot
 	Step 2:  Insert blank CDs or DVDs

Step 2:

Insert blank CDs or DVDs. Click 'Next' to start burning. Once it burns a CD, a sound will play alerting you that another CD or DVD needs to be entered.

Step 3:

After its done backing up to CD or DVD, it will ask you if you want to print out a "key" list so that you can match up the photos to the CD they were burned on. Click 'Next' to start printing. This makes it easy years from now to find that one photo you need!
Print photo key list

Step 4:

Of course, you need to purchase the software to get all the benefits.

It's only $14.95 which is a small price to pay for archiving your memories!

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