01.12.09 Version 1.0 build 12

  • Subtle improvements to several notes including minor volume and pan adjustments
  • Fix for voice stealing issues when maxing out polyphony
  • Installer allows installation of VSTi to user-selectable directory
  • Added additional logging
  • Removed recording device dropdown from audio preferences
  • Fixed installer issue - could not install VST properly to a different folder when used with Pianissimo Host.

12.04.08 Version 1.0 build 10

  • Fix for some keys ending abruptly at tale end of sample
  • Fix for vsti remembering parameter information between sessions in Fruity Loops
  • Added support for some MIDI controllers. (See help file)

11.26.08 Version 1.0 build 9

  • Initial Release

"The tone quality and dynamic expression are very impressive, and incredibly, the sound has the character of a real Steinway model D 9'concert (like the one I used to tune and spend many hours with 2-3 times per year!)"

— Paul, semi-retired piano tuner/technician