Automation Features In Mixcraft 9

In addition to all of the existing automation features from previous versions of Mixcraft, here are some of the exciting new automation features found in Mixcraft 9.


Create smooth, complex curves for track automation and clip automation. In-between every two points, there is a yellow 'curve control' which lets you shape each curve. If you want smooth exponential fade-outs or fade-ins, this can make a world of difference! This was one of the most commonly requested features for Mixcraft 9.


Easily create quick boosts and reductions to lower and raise automation over specific sections. Simply select a section of a clip or automation lane, and a purple handle will appear. Grab this to quickly lower or raise the automation level. There's no faster or easier way to boost or reduce automation!


Quickly and easily adjust the pitch for specific sections of any audio clip. Create impressive pitch speed-ups or slow-downs as a dramatic effect, with a range of +/- 24 semitones. The speed, flexibility, and ease with which you can create pitch changes makes this invaluable!


Add some smooth tempo changes to give your music some life. Create tempo ramp-ups and ramp-downs when transitioning from one section to another. This feature was highly requested by our customers, and we've listened listened and delivered it in Mixcraft 9!

And Much More!

Learn more about Mixcraft 9's new features. In this video, Mitchell Sigman takes us through a short overview of many of the new features found in Mixcraft 9. Learn about curved automation, pitch and tempo automation, detachable/dock-able interfaces, vocoder tracks, audio/MIDI/LFO controllers, enhanced MIDI editing, and more. 

Automation features start at 57 seconds in.

Mixcraft 9 is our latest version. In addition to all of the great new features, Mixcraft 9 is faster and features a brand new look, and existing Mixcraft users will find that all the familiar controls are in the same places, so you won't have any trouble adjusting to the new version. For those that prefer the look of Mixcraft 8, there is even an optional Mixcraft 8 skin available.

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