Mixer Enhancements In Mixcraft 9

New Mixer Look

The new Mixcraft 9 mixer has a sleek streamlined look. We've removed some color so its easier to see what's active. Knobs now show how far they've been adjusted via a new outer ring. You see at a glance if EQ parameters have been adjusted, or whether any FX sends are active. This improves your workflow so you can spend less time fussing with software and more time focusing on your music.

Gain, Compressor and Drive!

Every track now has its own built-in gain, compressor, and drive. Your workflow just got faster!

Gain: This is a handy “initial gain” control, as seen on hardware mixing boards. Use it to adjust super quiet or hot signals.

Compressor: This is a handy “one-knob” compressor for taming transients. At lower settings, it works especially well for vocals, guitars, and bass, and it’s great crushing drum loops at higher settings.

Drive: The Drive control introduces natural “mixing console”-style saturation, from a little to fair amount of raunch. It’s voiced for a warm, natural tone.


Oscilloscope and Frequency View!

Each track now has its own oscilloscope and frequency view. The oscilloscope displays the current waveform, and the frequency view displays the energy through the frequency spectrum. These are useful and powerful tools for a more complete understanding of your mix.

Parametric EQ

In addition to the basic three-knob EQ, more advanced users can choose Mixcraft 9’s full featured four-band Parametric EQ. The high and low band are semi-parametric with switchable shelf or bell mode, while the two mid bands are fully parametric - this means that in addition to sweepable frequency selection, they each have variable bandwidth (aka, “Q”). The frequencies of all bands overlap as well. We think you’ll find Mixcraft 9’s channel EQ to be tremendously useful and flexible.

And Much More!

Learn more about Mixcraft 9's new features. In this video, Mitchell Sigman takes us through a short overview of many of the new features found in Mixcraft 9. Learn about curved automation, pitch and tempo automation, detachable/dock-able interfaces, vocoder tracks, audio/MIDI/LFO controllers, enhanced MIDI editing, and more. 

Mixcraft 9 is our latest version. In addition to all of the great new features, Mixcraft 9 is faster and features a brand new look, and existing Mixcraft users will find that all the familiar controls are in the same places, so you won't have any trouble adjusting to the new version. For those that prefer the look of Mixcraft 8, there is even an optional Mixcraft 8 skin available. 

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