Piano Roll Enhancements In Mixcraft 9

The Mixcraft piano roll and MIDI editor is one of the fastest and easiest MIDI editing tools available. This page explores some of the new enhancements and improvements.

Super Fast Velocity Editing!

Quickly and easily select notes and edit their velocities with the new boost/reduce tool. Simply select notes or velocities, and a circular grab tool will appear in purple. Drag that up or down to make the adjustments!

Controller Drawing Improvements!

New improvements in controller editing allow you to easily adjust note velocities for specific notes, or add fades or controller oscillations with ramp, sine or triangle patterns. 

New Paint Brush Tool!

The new paint brush tool allows you to quickly change note lengths when adding new notes to the piano roll. Instead of adding notes with a prearranged duration, the paint brush allows you to click and then adjust the note length, kind of like painting. To add another note with previous note duration, simply click the mouse down and release.

MIDI Step Recording!

If you want to enter MIDI notes and build patterns one note at a time, this feature is for you. Play single notes or chords per step. Use the computer keys or mouse to position the cursor and choose the note duration. If you make a mistake, undo it! MIDI Step Recording was a highly requested feature by Mixcraft users. 

Notation Editing

You can now enter notes in the Notation View via the MIDI Step Recording feature, as well!

Step Editor Editing

The Step Editor now shows the name of the instrument or drum part for easy editing. Click and drag to add a bunch notes, select them and shape their velocities.

And Much More!

Learn more about Mixcraft 9's new features. In this video, Mitchell Sigman takes us through a short overview of many of the new features found in Mixcraft 9. Learn about curved automation, pitch and tempo automation, detachable/dock-able interfaces, vocoder tracks, audio/MIDI/LFO controllers, enhanced MIDI editing, and more. 

Mixcraft 9 is our latest version. In addition to all of the great new features, Mixcraft 9 is faster and features a brand new look, and existing Mixcraft users will find that all the familiar controls are in the same places, so you won't have any trouble adjusting to the new version. For those that prefer the look of Mixcraft 8, there is even an optional Mixcraft 8 skin available.

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