Mixcraft 9: Built For Real Musicians


Mixcraft 9 Is The Answer

Its something that has eluded most musicians.  We want to record our music.  We know it's possible with any computer today.  But, we've been turned away in the past with overly complicated interfaces that require serious training and learning curves or we've shied away with horrendously expensive pricing.  

Mixcraft 9 is one of the Internet's secrets. It's affordable and easy to use.  And it's just a free download away.

Mixcraft 9 lets you record vocals, instruments and whatever else your heart desires.  Add in our incredible arsenal of built-in virtual instruments and plugins.  Toss in a dash of highly intuitive interface design and you are able to stay in the creative zone where you forget yourself and, most importantly, forget about the details of the software you are using.  

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Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio Features:

  • Fully loaded recording software with professional features
  • Record, produce, and compose on unlimited tracks
  • Advanced routing and UI customizations let you establish your workflow
  • Includes a massive library of effects, processing, and instrument plug-ins
  • Performance Panel provides a nonlinear loop-based workflow
  • Bundled with over 7,500 professionally curated loops
  • Get more loops with built-in Freesound.org browsing and import
  • Sequence with powerful piano roll, notation, and step editors
  • View and edit multiple parameters simultaneously with lane and clip-based automation
  • Master tempo track offers flexible tempo changes
  • Full suite of mastering tools (analyzer, oscilloscope, and processors) onboard
  • Edit, crop, and crossfade video with transitions, text, title, and more
  • Export videos in a variety of web-friendly formats
  • Handles most standard audio formats

Get a taste of how easy Mixcraft is.  Watch the Mixcraft University 101 videos.

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