O/S Bits


Mixcraft 9.0

Build 438


Public Beta


Mixcraft 9 64-bit

Mixcraft 9.0

Build 438


Public Beta


Mixcraft 9 64-bit

Build 438

  • Languages mostly fully translated now.
  • Potential fix for OpenGL conflict with Voltage Modular on some machines. 
  • Splash screen resizes image 
  • Fix for TB EZQ and TB Broadcast crashes
  • No auto-scrolling vertically  when dragging loop marker.
  • 64 bit installer prevents itself from installing on 32 machines
  • Light skin improvements
  • Added preference for dual monitors when dragging tabs and from monitor to monitor.
  • Vocal siblance on Vocoder was too strong.
  • Updated Vocoder Saw patch
  • Show button was not displaying in correct state
  • Zoom to Project (0) no longer scrolls vertically
  • Fix for tuning a non-monitoring track in ASIO mode
  • No notes detected error message no says that Melodyne must be registered first.
  • Fix for not updating marker list when changing from transport.
  • added installer req of Win 7 SP1
  • Improved VST3 code for ProcessV2 and QueryOutputBus functions
  • Text track icon now stays put
  • Updated TB Compressor and TB DeEsser with new versions and presets
  • Added new pref to reset mod wheel at end of playback
  • Fix for some VST3s that don't report stereo channels (eg: YouLean)
  • Sidechain source selection was invisible in some cases
  • MP4 settings dialog looked incorrect on first entry
  • Grouping now works in the mixer
  • Kaleidoscope effect renders properly
  • Removed link in loop lib to

Build 437

  • Fix for translations in non standard character sets such Greek, Russian, Chinese and Japanese...
  • Bug #11558, fix for VST3 left channel not sounding
  • Smoother resizing of undocked details panes

Build 436

Here are some of the main changes in version 9 since version 8

  • New, modern look everywhere
  • Detachable/dockable interfaces
  • Curved automation envelopes and lots of other envelope improvements
  • Tempo envelope on Master Track
  • Pitch envelope on all audio clips
  • New vocoder tracks and vocoder effects!
  • Audio tracks can be monitored and tuned without arming tracks
  • Micro-fades in and out available on all audio clips
  • New MIDI step sequencer
  • Tons of improvements to the MIDI piano roll editor
  • Major changes to effect dialogs, including the ability to add MIDI control, audio control, and (new!) LFO control directly in the effect’s window
  • New available mixer panels including Gain, Drive, Compressor, Parametric EQ, Oscilloscope, and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Old Acoustica and Classic effects have been replaced with lots of exciting new Toneboosters effects

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