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Mixcraft 9 RS

Build 470




Mixcraft 9 RS

Build 470




Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio

Build 470




Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio

Build 470




Build 470

  • Emergency update for better VST3 support.  We are working hard at Mixcraft 10, but this trending issue became a hot button issue impacting our support and wasting your time.  VST3 support is much improved. 

Build 469

  • Rare Fix for rare freeze related to changing a preset in an effect. 

Build 468

  • Fix for instant crash with Melodyne 5.1.  You'll need this if you have Melodyne 5.1.  If you do not want to get this, please revert to Melodyne 5.0.3 until Celemony creates a new Melodyne 5.1.1
  • Fix for undoing frozen midi track.
  • Bulletproofed deleting of effects/switching presets to be more reliable.
  • Fixes a bug in Melodyne (Pro Studio only)
  • Fixed a Melodyne related issue for clips using same audio data.
  • Duplicating a track with curved automation retains curves.
  • Fix for setting automation parameters for virtual instruments when not playing back.
  • Fix for a text scrolling bug
  • Fix for slow drawing of oscilloscope on transport after mixing down.

Build 462

  • Fixes a crash for recording in an unsaved project with Flac or OGG 
  • Fixed alt-drag crash in performance panel 
  • A few new drum maps 
  • Disabled options to change arm button and quantization for frozen tracks 
  • Fixed master volume range not saving past a certain level. 
  • Handling automation lane name changes better 
  • Now setting correct time signature for recorded clips in performance panel 
  • Importing dialogs were not modal due to using incorrect parent window. 
  • Fixed scrolling issue in project notes. 
  • Now save/loading zoom level, scroll positions, play indicator and caret positions. 
  • Fix for autoscroll in piano roll 

Build 461

  • Fix related to loaded VST3s.  Some VST3s would not process MIDI after loading  a project. 
  • Minor fix for showing highlited tempo automation on master track if only one tempo point.
  • Fixed moving clips up/down with keyboard.
  • Minor resize track bug with on board gui effects.
  • Now disable tuner/monitor button during recording.
  • No longer clearing initial tempo event for automation clear which is always going to be the master tempo. Fix for bug #12019
  • Fixed rare video mixdown bug, caused by the last rendered WAV file being floating-point.
  • Brighter scroll bars

Build 460

  • Bug #11833, fix for problems loading a project with MIDI routing.
  • Bug #11826, fixed other tracks bleeding in to Slice operations.
  • Fix for bouncing clips in areas with tempo automation and no markers.
  • Fix for corrupted project so that volume slider returns to original position now.
  • Fix for unnecessarily setting project to dirty on playback in some cases.
  • Fix for saving a new project into the same folder. 
  • Save Project As dialog always opens to the default project folder, instead of remembering the last saved location.

Build 459

  • Loading projects with frozen tracks were not staying frozen.

Build 458

  • When creating zip files, it now properly handles duplicate file names from different source folders.

Build 457

  • Undo crash fix for tuner track after duplication.  (Previous fix was inadequate)
  • Some undo/redo related minor fixes for tuner tracks/armed tracks.

Build 456

  • Fix for crash undoing duplication of a track with a tuner on it.
  • Fix for removing time not removing locked it does.
  • Fix for copying an audio clip with quick fades on.
  • You can no longer import to the built-in libraries like "Loops".  There was a way to import to it if you typed in the name "Loops".

Build 455

  • Fix for more freeze bugs related to instrument sub-tracks.
  • Fixed drawing glitches related to Melodyne
  • More fixes when saving a project with Melodyne on first save when changing the location of the project.

Build 454

  • New strings, including font size fix for Chinese
  • Fix for audio control meters showing for instrument sub tracks
  • Fix for freeze related to audio control and adding another virtual instrument
  • Fix for initial save failing, potentially losing some files.
  • Resizing sub mix track icon placement fix
  • Bug #11868, fixed deadlock problem with lock in lane selection code.
  • Bug #11846, fix for weirdness after reversing a clip while tracks are soloed.
  • Fix for bug 11851 - was removing clip for RemoveTime when it shouldn't have.
  • Fix for saving/restoring gain on master track and preview track
  • Modified Mixcraft's MIDI loading code to be able to read Chordpad's invalid MIDI files.
  • New drum kit mapping
  • Fixed pitch envelope bug related to cropping / trimming clips

Build 453

  • Fix for showing send knobs on output tracks. Oops
  • Bulletproofing drag and drop and some random crashes (rare)
  • Fixed help file page offsets when invoked from software

Build 452

  • Fix for undoing deleting submix with linked child tracks into one undo event
  • More translated strings for different languages.

Build 451

  • All ToneBoosters plug-ins updated to include fix for rare Windows 7 crash.
  • Bug #11805, slicing to Omni Sampler no longer closes and opens the mixer for every sample.
  • Added special MIDI editing option to draw velocity if one note is selected.
  • Bug #11801, fixed occasional drawing glitch adding clips to frozen tracks.
  • removed art references in v8 skin
  • Added ability to add stop button on armed track slots in the performance panel.  Right click on a record button on a slot.
  • Bug #11800, fixed problems duplicating frozen tracks.
  • Bug #11799, fixed tempo automation glitch when transitions happen very quickly.
  • Bug #11797, newly recorded perf panel audio clips now obey the project tempo.
  • Fix for crashing double clicking during recording in pp
  • Fixed rare alt drag wrong spot crash
  • Lower requirements to play initial demo project. Plays LOW CPU demo project if unplugged or too low in CPU.
  • Increased VST2 frame rate to 20 fps (up from 10)
  • Bug 11793 - Disappearing preset problem related to undo
  • Build number added to sndengine crash logging.

Build 450

  • Continued fix for painting automation from frozen tracks.
  • Fixed header text color to show correct contrasting color.  
  • Bug #11725, prevent project playback starting via MIDI controller when prefs dialog is opening.
  • Low CPU/on battery demo song for Mixcraft 9
  • Added warning about battery use. Also now not showing vst dialog when loading and they already have vsts loading.
  • Fixed mixer meter art
  • Changed "system processors" to "logical processors" to be more technically correct.
  • Fix for plugins that launch a modal dialog - we no longer allow users to delete effects in mid-load which could happen if the effect launched a modal/modeless dialog. Fixes the Waves plugins issue when it needs its sample locations set.
  • Bug #11770, micro-fades now work in performance panel.
  • Bug 11769 - Freeze / deadlock between change inst lock and plugin collection lock
  • Bug #11772, fix for Help with Automation on instrument tracks showing Tempo Map instead of help file.
  • Bug 11774 - Mapping two MIDI controllers doesn't work correctly for virtual instruments
  • Fix for arm/disarm when track was not selected.
  • Fix for loading translations and some pref control resizing for translations.
  • Fixed mix down to new clip with quick fades.
  • New tap tempo feature when clicking tempo control on transport!
  • Fixed unlink track mixer display issue
  • Will now allow for arabic and thai typing / character set. Not translated, though.

Build 449

  • Major speed up for loading Waves VST3 plugins. Important fix!
  • Fix for showing frozen automation tracks and clips on automation lanes
  • Fix for adjusting pitch envelopes.  It now snaps to integral semitone adjustments.  Use set exact value for more exact control.
  • Added pref to invert clips in "X-Ray" mode.

Build 448

  • Fix for loading projects in WaveRT mode - rare freeze.
  • Submix tracks should not show an input option in the mixer.

Build 447

  • After undoing insert time, a clip split by this was not restored in one undo. 
  • Fixed tempo automation issues and undo..for refreezing tracks, etc.
  • Fixed undo tempo marker : add - was not deleting the tempo points.
  • Fixed setting exact value of clip automation when clip was left trimmed.
  • Freezing an armed audio track, then hitting undo, now restores the armed state.
  • Fix for freeze when freezing an armed audio track in ASIO mode
  • Bug #11664, fix for possible pitch problems when playing clip with pitch envelope
  • Quick fade for recordings adheres to prefs
  • Changed micro-fade time from 2 ms to 10 ms
  • Bug #11734, fix for parametric EQ power button showing incorrect state.

Build 446

  • Fixed progress bar in v8 skin
  • Now restarting midi clip on note erasing
  • Allowing playing of muted clips in perf panel
  • Mouse wheel fixed for track list in mixer (on left side)
  • Fix for tempo conflict issue with track markers when loading a project.
  • Was missing the mix 9 templates for the normal project open dialog
  • Bug #11733, fix for crash using tempo-synced LFO automation on master track FX when playing project.

Build 445

  • Added new Pro Studio Example Project
  • Fix for minor draw glitch for moving sliders via controllers
  • Added new translation strings for languages
  • Fixed nullptr crash related to piano roll
  • Fixed extension code for v9
  • Bug #11713 & 11714, fixed issues converting audio to MIDI if clip is cropped, time stretched, etc.
  • Bug #11719, fix for internal asserts when soloing track in project with audio control
  • Improvements to asio interface prefs and defaulting asio to use preferred asio settings
  • Use mainWindow->GetHWND() consistently for all ASIO driver loading
  • Fixed how mixer buttons line up in horiz mode
  • Bug 11707 - Cancelling a rotate video process gives strange results
  • Bug #11691, bypass undo is fixed for the Parametric EQ
  • fixed power buttons for v8 skin
  • Darker piano roll for 1st and 3rd beats. (Alt beats)
  • Bulletproofing
  • Bug #11686, fix for recorded clips going out of sync in the performance panel when their automation was adjusted.
  • Fix for crash with moving melodyne clip to perf panel after mixdown
  • We no longer open and then immediately close audio devices when starting Mixcraft.
  • Bug #11675 - fix for ASIO buffer size being wrong after burning CD
  • Now trying relative path from exe when loading skin.  Fix for double clicking a project with an alternate skin in place.

Build 444

  • Build 443 made a little boo boo for frozen virtual instrument tracks.  This fixes that oversight for the quick patch of 443.

Build 443

  • Fixes for Mixcraft v8 skin for those that like old skool 8.
  • Added Ozone 8 to plugin file to not change sample rate which will crash in Ozone.  (It's the plugins fault, but this is a workaround)
  • Bug #11681, fix for frozen Melodyne tracks crashing on load, if the frozen file is missing.
  • Some bulletproofing for saving during playback with audio control, etc. 
  • Bug 11665 - If holding scroll bar - piano roll no longer auto scrolls

Build 442

  • More strings for languages
  • Bug 11663 - Add melodyne to clip, get ghost details window
  • Memory leak in guisearchcontrol
  • SynthBuffer used in CMidiTrackAudioBuffer is now a member variable instead of getting created & destroyed over and over again. (Translates to: Slight performance gain!)
  • Mem leak in Oscilloscope,CalcNumPresets ,GetLastPresetDescription(),deleting a ClipAudioBuffer, saving MIDI file
  • Fixed memory leak with VST3 submix buffers (There still is a mem leak in VST3. A 3rd party SDK needs to fix this and we have reported it.)
  • Fix for right click in plugin list no longer scrolling
  • Fixes for Version 8 skin, which is now properly installed.

Build 441

  • New strings for languages
  • Bug #11650, fix for tempo change in loop mode causing loop to restart
  • Fix for MIDI editing paste point matching the cursor time
  • Potential fix for monkey testing style piano roll crash
  • Bug 11645 - Crash when deleting effects that have automation parameters recorded
  • Bug #11647, increased guitar tuner buffer size for increased low note response
  • Moved sending DELETING_EFFECT message to CEffectChain::Remove instead of EffectsFactory::DeleteEffect, to avoid a deadlock, since the mixer will likely always be locked when CEffectChain::Remove is called, but not when DeleteEffect() is called.
  • Fix for freeze when adding new notes in piano roll after loop point in performance panel.  (Rare)
  • Changing maximize behavior for undocked windows

Build 440

  • New strings for languages
  • Removed old audio control and midi control windows which were popping up in a few cases and causing problems.
  • Fix for scaled monitors showing messed up menu after detaching.
  • Detached windows now appear on the task bar.  This can be helpful if a window is over another window.
  • Possible fix for Rewire freeze
  • Loading MIDI as a project no longer shows blank looking mixer
  • Mouse wheel / track pad fix  for piano roll.  Was only able to zoom one way.
  • Fixed library and mixer scrollbars to respond to mouse-wheel
  • Fix for rare crash if Windows goes to sleep with Mixcraft up.
  • Fixed midi clip left trim not showing shading in piano roll
  • Deleting effects and instruments far less disruptive to audio continuity
  • Undocking and redocking with Melodyne data would cause Melodyne window to disappear.
  • Bulletproofing with effect controller stuff
  • More bulletproofing crashes
  • Fix for free loading sidechaining effects from the FX menu
  • Don't process MIDI events from plug-ins sending lots of zeros.
  • Now processing returned MIDI events from VST3 instruments
  • Set initial position of VST dialog so controllers area can be expanded without bumping bottom of dialog off bottom of screen (if possible)
  • default instruments dialog wide enough to fit all text in the instruments listview
  • fixed alt drag crash - alt dragging to the same slot - was not updating the editor with the new clip.
  • Fixed upgrade check to handle tls issue
  • Vocoder Saw preset now one octave higher, and new preference name for default vocoder preset.

Build 439

  • Fixed preference string that was missing
  • Bug #11625, fix for crash loading project with VST3s
  • Fixed bug 11626 where resizing a clip before viewing in sound details and then double clicking resets sound properties.
  • Installer now remembers pro studio registration when reinstalling
  • Bug #11627, pitch envelope was incorrectly being applied to audio editor playback.
  • Bug 11619 - Editing plugin collections doesn't update certain screens right away
  • Workaround for effect-update-loop freeze with Auto-Tune Artist

Build 438

  • Languages mostly fully translated now.
  • Potential fix for OpenGL conflict with Voltage Modular on some machines. 
  • Splash screen resizes image 
  • Fix for TB EZQ and TB Broadcast crashes
  • No auto-scrolling vertically  when dragging loop marker.
  • 64 bit installer prevents itself from installing on 32 machines
  • Light skin improvements
  • Added preference for dual monitors when dragging tabs and from monitor to monitor.
  • Vocal siblance on Vocoder was too strong.
  • Updated Vocoder Saw patch
  • Show button was not displaying in correct state
  • Zoom to Project (0) no longer scrolls vertically
  • Fix for tuning a non-monitoring track in ASIO mode
  • No notes detected error message no says that Melodyne must be registered first.
  • Fix for not updating marker list when changing from transport.
  • added installer req of Win 7 SP1
  • Improved VST3 code for ProcessV2 and QueryOutputBus functions
  • Text track icon now stays put
  • Updated TB Compressor and TB DeEsser with new versions and presets
  • Added new pref to reset mod wheel at end of playback
  • Fix for some VST3s that don't report stereo channels (eg: YouLean)
  • Sidechain source selection was invisible in some cases
  • MP4 settings dialog looked incorrect on first entry
  • Grouping now works in the mixer
  • Kaleidoscope effect renders properly
  • Removed link in loop lib to

Build 437

  • Fix for translations in non standard character sets such Greek, Russian, Chinese and Japanese...
  • Bug #11558, fix for VST3 left channel not sounding
  • Smoother resizing of undocked details panes

Build 436

Here are some of the main changes in version 9 since version 8

  • New, modern look everywhere
  • Detachable/dockable interfaces
  • Curved automation envelopes and lots of other envelope improvements
  • Tempo envelope on Master Track
  • Pitch envelope on all audio clips
  • New vocoder tracks and vocoder effects!
  • Audio tracks can be monitored and tuned without arming tracks
  • Micro-fades in and out available on all audio clips
  • New MIDI step sequencer
  • Tons of improvements to the MIDI piano roll editor
  • Major changes to effect dialogs, including the ability to add MIDI control, audio control, and (new!) LFO control directly in the effect’s window
  • New available mixer panels including Gain, Drive, Compressor, Parametric EQ, Oscilloscope, and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Old Acoustica and Classic effects have been replaced with lots of exciting new Toneboosters effects