CD/DVD Label Maker Version History

09/13/13 Version 3.40 Download v 3.40]

  • duplex (double-sided) printing available on printers that support it
  • lots of new supported paper types and direct-to-disc printers
  • bug fix: print job names not displaying correctly in the Windows print spooler
  • bug fix: clicking the Tracks dialog's "Read CD" button when there was no disc in the CD drive caused the tracks type to change from audio to data
  • bug fix: Print dialog "crop holes" preference not getting preserved on subsequent sessions
  • bug fix: if a tracks listing displayed multiple tag fields in a fixed-fields layout and the text control wasn't wide enough to display all the tag fields, only the first track would get displayed
  • bug fix: incorrect text caret position on blank lines for centered or right-justified text
  • bug fix: if you selected text in the text-properties dialog and the selection included the last character, the selection would get ignored
  • bug fix: if you have circular text with both a drop shadow and a semi-transparent background, the area behind the text wouldn't get displayed correctly in some cases
  • bug fix: labels that had transparency effects didn't handle user-defined alignment adjustments correctly when printing
  • bug fix: rare crash when cancelling out of Text Properties dialog

07/11/10 Version 3.33 Download v 3.33]

  • added support for several new paper labels and disc-printing printers
  • added "center vertically & horizontally" and "resize to fit label" options to the Align menu
  • the open and save-as dialogs are now resizable
  • after a successful registration, the app will delete the "Register Acoustica CD Label Maker" desktop shortcut icon
  • fixed a num-copies bug that occurred when using the Epson SDK
  • bug fix: wasn't loading composer tags or non-numeric genre tags from MP3 files
  • bug fix: rare crash when creating image thumbnails

04/09/09 Version 3.32 Download v 3.32]

  • when you add a shadow to a new object, it will give it the same settings as the last shadow you created or edited for that kind of object (text, image, or shape)
  • fixed a bug that caused shadows to display incorrectly in some cases for images that don't have alpha channels
  • shadowized more of the built-in designs
  • added support for direct-to-disc printing with the HP Photosmart C309a and C309c
  • added a Preview option to the fade-edges-settings dialog
  • added a "doesn't overwrite existing design" option to the save-as-design dialog
  • added a few new drop-shadow presets
  • shadowized a few more designs
  • fixed a bug that could cause spine markers on DVD cases to display in the wrong places if users had edited the spine width
  • added drop shadow capabilities for images, shapes, and text
  • added a fade-edges feature for printable discs

11/11/08 Version 3.29 Download v 3.29]

  • added support for the Epson printing SDK, which should allow users with direct-to-disc-printing Epson models to print discs without having to manually set the printer to use the CD tray
  • the installer will download & install several bonus pieces of background art
  • added a handful of new layouts, mostly for the jewel case back
  • the "layouts" tab has been rechristened "designs" to reflect its new awesomeness
  • This fixes a rare registration bug.

10/17/08 Version 3.27 Download v 3.27]

  • This fixes a bug in the editable-spine-widths feature, introduced in version 3.24, that would cause spines for jewel case backs to get messed up if you edited the paper template.

09/25/08 Version 3.26 Download v 3.26]

  • Added more than 100 new layouts. The addition of layers makes it possible to use shapes to create designs without having the shapes getting in the way when you're clicking on the label; hopefully this first set of new layouts will give you some inspirations for your own designs.
  • Added locking for layers. (When a layer is locked, none of the objects on that layer can be selected.)
  • The "Make objects in all layers clickable" option is now on by default * Added a toggle-the-layers-dialog-on-and-off hotkey (F7)
  • Added a preference for using HP's updated LightScribe printing interface (it's awkward for printing to multiple drives simultaneously, but may help if you're getting LightScribe errors when printing - see the "LightScribe" page of the Preferences dialog to try it)
  • Added support for the HP Photosmart D7500 series of direct-to-disc printers
  • Lots of bug fixes and minor changes that we won't bore you with here
  • Added basic layering support: you can add and remove layers, hide and show layers, rearrange layers, duplicate layers, move objects from one layer to another, adjust the opacity of layers, and set a blend color for the background layer (used when it's less than 100% opacity) Access it via the "Edit" menu by clicking "Layers..." See Help for more details.
  • Users can now adjust the spine widths of plain-paper DVD case covers
  • Added support for Blu-ray cases
  • Added support for various DiskFaktory templates
  • Added support for the HP D5400 series of direct-to-disc printers

06/13/08 Version 3.23 Download v 3.23]

  • Fixed problems with direct-to-disc printing on Windows Vista for HP direct-to-disc printers and the Dymo DiscPainter
  • Added a "Clear All" button to the Tracks dialog
  • Added a disc-only project type
  • The "Alignment" button on the Print dialog will now launch the edit-paper-types dialog instead of the printer-alignment dialog if the current label is set to print straight to disc instead of via paper (because the settings on the print-alignment dialog apply only to paper labels)
  • bug fix: underline & strikeout for text not appearing in version 3.22 unless you had the "lowest memory" printing preference selected
  • bug fix: possible crash when parsing .wav files with genre tags
  • bug fix: drive brand & model weren't displaying in the LightScribe Diagnostics dialog


05/05/08Version 3.22 Download v 3.22]

  • It fixes a bug in the display of text objects that are scrolled partially offscreen.
  • The uninstaller won't delete files that users have stored in the label maker's main install folder (though it will still delete them from subfolders of the main install folder)


04/23/08Version 3.21 Download v 3.21]

  • Fixes spine text limitation problem
  • Cleaning up temp files better.


04/14/08Version 3.20 Download v 3.20]

  • the "Text Color" menu option now launches the Text Properties text-color page instead of the Windows choose-color dialog.
  • bug fix: drawing issue on Tracks page of the instant-label wizard
  • bug fix: the "display at full size" right-click option for thumbnails didn't draw backgrounds correctly for some PNG images with alpha channels
  • bug fix: removed slight changes in text position/size when switching between full and partial opacity (this bug will still appear on machines with CPU speeds of less than 1.5 ghz
  • unless you're selected the "Lowest Memory" option in the "Printing Memory Use" page of the preferences dialog, since the fix can cause noticeable delays on slower machines)
  • the tile settings dialog no longer defaults to 150 DPI; instead, it defaults to 3 rows tall, or if that would amount to less than 150 DPI, however many rows it would take to be at least 150 DPI vertical resolution
  • New version of installer used and will avoid Vista thinking that there is a problem with the install.
  • added transparency control for text, accessible from the "Text Color" page of the Text Properties dialog. Probably the most striking use of this feature is to pair large-font transparent text with an non-transparent text background, making the text appear to be carved out of the background.
  • the disc-editing window can emulate all LightScribe disc colors, using the same algorithm HP uses for its official LightScribe previews (previously, the label maker could just display in color or grayscale). You can change the disc color from the combo box in the top-right corner of the screen next to the LightScribe mode combo box.
  • if you've got text selected, it won't display in the standard windows selection colors while you have the "Text Color" page of the "Text Properties" dialog open. This allows you to experiment with text colors & transparency without having to exit the dialog and deselect your text to see what your choices look like.
  • the export-to-image-file dialog will now start remembering all settings from the last time you ran it: target folder, dpi, image type, and cropping option
  • added a generate-a-random-color button to the text-color and background-color pages of the text properties dialog, so the label maker can generate color ideas for you
  • enforcement of LightScribe modes is now optional - the mode combo box (the combo box with the full/content/title mode choices) can either choose a mode + layout or just a layout, as specified in the preferences dialog
  • the "Add Row" button on the Tracks dialog will now insert a row in front of the currently selected row instead of appending the new row to the very end of the track list
  • if you've got a direct-to-disc printer selected as your paper type/output target, the Print dialog will now attempt to find a printer to match that paper type and if it finds one, will set that printer as the selected printer
  • moved the "use version 2 printing" preference to its own page in the Preferences dialog (the "Printing Memory Use" page) to allow more flexibility for users having memory-related printing issues. Though the interface has changed, the default behavior is the same as it was in version 3.17.
  • if you've elected not to eject discs when LightScribe printing is complete, the software will beep whenever something occurs that would normally cause the disc to eject (error, printing done, time to insert next disc) so that you'll notice the label maker needs your attention
  • bug fix: if the custom-colors bank was open on the text-properties dialog and you added a new custom color, the new color wouldn't appear in the bank until you switched to another bank and returned again
  • bug fix: not correctly parsing or scaling wmf files that contain text in some cases
  • bug fix: handling incorrectly formatted command lines produced by Internet Explorer when opening a .lbl file link from a web page
  • bug fix: not creating thumbnails correctly for PNG images with alpha channels originally created in Photoshop
  • bug fix: incorrectly handling hard returns when applying text edits (bold, italics, etc.) to text selections
  • bug fix: not drawing selections correctly for sideways and upside-down text
  • bug fix: not saving rotated images correctly in some circumstances


10/20/07Version 3.15 Download v 3.15]

  • added transparency control for shapes. Interface is the same as for image transparency - there's a slider on the object's toolbar.
  • added two new shapes modes, 'inverted' and 'outline', accessible from the Shapes menu:

    1) in 'inverted' mode, the shape is transparent but the area surrounding the shape is colored - it effectively punches a heart-shaped (or circle-shaped or diamond-shaped, etc.) hole in the shape's bounding rectangle. You can control the margins of the bounding rectangle via the "Inverted Shape Margins..." option on the Shapes menu. 

    2) in 'outline' mode, the outline of the shape is colored, but the interior is not. You can control the thickness of the outline via the "Border Thickness..." option on the Shapes menu.
  • added aspect-ratio management for shape resizing with the mouse, accessible from the "Aspect Ratio Restrictions" submenu on the Shapes menu. With the "None" setting (the default, and the behavior with all previous options of the label maker), there are no restrictions. With the "Ideal" setting, when you resize a shape, it will always keep the shape's ideal aspect ratio (1.0, which means a perfectly square bounding rectangle, for most shapes). With the "Current" setting, when you resize a shape, it will keep the aspect ratio it had when you selected the "Current" option.
  • added a "don't save printer settings" option to the Preferences dialog ('miscellaneous' page). If checked, the label maker won't save printer options changes and reload them automatically for subsequent print jobs.
  • DPI settings are now saved in the images created when you export a label to an image file in JPEG, PNG, or BMP format (so that Photoshop will estimate sizes correctly)
  • bug fix: the size/position dialog was displaying incorrect size & position numbers for images on jewel case booklets.
  • bug fix: sometimes incorrectly sizing WMF images when used as label backgrounds
  • bug fix: not correctly printing the inside face of a jewel case booklet when it's a front/back of sheet paper type and user has the "user version 2 printing style" option selected


08/28/07Version 3.14 Download v 3.14]

  • bug fix: printing the jewel case insert from twice instead of printing the front/inside when printing on non-booklet paper types (papers in which you print the front on side of the sheet and the inside on the other side)

08/20/07Version 3.13 Download v 3.13]

  • added opacity control for text backgrounds
  • tweaked the color pages on the text-properties dialog to allow
    access to full spectrum of color and allow users to save & access
    more custom colors (increased from 16 to 48)
  • added a preferences-dialog option to not eject LightScribe discs
    after they finish printing
  • added support for half-height DVD cases
  • when you change the art-search or art-explore panes to sort-by-date
    mode, the most recent images will be displayed at the top (used to be
    at the bottom)
  • bug fix: progress dialog could hang around indefinitely when
    importing tracks info from a data CD or DVD with a small number of files on it
  • bug fix: disc summary field for data discs could occasionally get
    placed smack in the middle of the CD hole
  • bug fix: sometimes incorrectly handling image rotation in saved project files
  • bug fix: not importing composer field from iTunes library
  • bug fix: close any open edit field in tracks dialog if user scrolls
  • bug fix: only handling first 260 characters of default text in
    layout text fields
  • added opacity control for images!
  • now handling PNG images with alpha channels!  Get some alpha blended PNGs here :
  • bug fix: partially-transparent objects didn't get updated when the label's background color changed or when the label's background image got edited (converted to grayscale, rotated, flipped, etc.)
  • bug fix: partially-transparent text objects not getting clipped to CD label boundaries when printing
  • bug fix: couldn't select a partially-transparent chat or thought balloon tail if there was another object underneath it
  • bug fix: can now import generic playlists that are in big-endian Unicode format
  • bug fix: not always converting text background colors between color & grayscale modes correctly when switching between LightScribe & non-LightScribe display modes
  • bug fix: when you delete an object, partially transparent objects above it didn't get redrawn correctly
  • bug fix: speed issues on labels with lots of alpha-channel PNG images
  • bug fix: images not always redrawing correctly after changing transparency for images underneath them
  • bug fix: not considering pixels rendered invisible by alpha channels when determining whether or not an image's pixel is visible for clicking-on-it purposes
  • bug fix: when deleting an image with an alpha channel and then undoing the deletion, background not redrawn correctly
  • bug fix: clicking the "Move Down" button in the Tracks dialog didn't always work
  • bug fix: sometimes the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons in the Tracks dialog got disabled when they shouldn't have
  • bug fix: the tooltip for the image toolbar's opacity slider disappeared forever if you dragged the slider grip
  • bug fix: if you changed text color in the text-editing window (the one for editing curved or angled text), the color button on the tooltip wouldn't update itself until you clicked inside the window
  • bug fix: "Home" key didn't always work in the aforesaid text-editing window
  • bug fix: again with the aforesaid text-editing window: in certain circumstances, clicking on the typeface or font-size combo boxes could cause selected text to get deselected, resulted in font size/typeface changes getting applied to all text instead of just the formerly selected textVersion 3.12
  • added a tooltip for the image toolbar's opacity slider
  • bug fix: if you select a text background color when the background opacity is set to 0%, the opacity will automatically get set to 50%
  • bug fix: if you deleted an object and then undid the deletion, the object would get reinserted at the top of the z-order instead of in its original position
  • bug fix: if you selected the ending text in a text object and changed the font or did other formatting, the last character would disappear
  • bug fix: if you resized an object that used to scroll off the page so that it didn't scroll off the page anymore, other objects on the label wouldn't always update their positions to match the newly unscrolled label

04/06/07Version 3.08 Download v 3.08]

  • Support for multiple lightscribe towers at a time for those that like to 'scribe'.
  • Added a "Why's everything in black & white" option that appears on the Help menu when your label is appearing in grayscale mode.
  • If you launch the label maker and it's already running, the previous instance will get set as the foreground window, and the new instance's command line arguments will get passed along to that instance.

02/09/07Version 3.04 Download v 3.04]

  • converted help file to .chm format so it'll work in Vista
  • added a "why isn't there lightscribe" menu item & help topic
  • added a change-paper-type dialog
  • replaced the inscrutable toolbar buttons on the art browse/search panes with "add to label" and "set as background" buttons
  • removed some informational/hint popups
  • bug fix: scaling error in adjust-size/position dialogs
  • bug fix: now checking for UTF-8 encoding in file names in Windows Media Player playlists
  • bug fix: crash when launching the edit-paper dialog while an extra label (bonus sticker) is the current editing label

11/09/06Version 3.03 Download v 3.03]

  • adds support for seven new Canon printers
  • fixes a bug in the print-preview display of mini-CD jewel case booklets

11/06/06Version 3.02 Download v 3.02]

  • Lightscribe support!
  • added a "show/hide tracks fields" submenu to the Edit menu
  • CD tracks lookup will now try MusicBrainz if there's no result via Freedb
  • finished skinning message boxes
  • fixed some text undo/redo & sundry other bugs
  • added a preference to choose default LightScribe mode (title,
    content, or full) to use when launching the software or creating a
    new project (only applies if your paper type is set to a LightScribe drive)
  • empty but visible tracks text objects are no longer pickable
  • to reduce the time for the preparing-to-print LightScribe phase,
    different print qualities now have different image resolutions: 300,
    400, and 600 DPI, respectively, for draft, normal, and best modes
  • The art-browse pane can now handle shortcuts to files and folders
    (Win 95-ME excepted)
  • bug fix: label editing window not always switching from grayscale to
    color after the paper type changes from lightscribe to non-lightscribe
  • bug fix: lightscribe drives appearing twice in the paper-types combo
    box for DVD projects
  • bug fix: lightscribe drives were appearing in the paper-types combo
    box in the non-lightscribe print dialog
  • bug fix: lightscribe-mode combo box didn't update after running the
    instant-label wizard
  • bug fix: you can't drag circular text objects (if they're in
    fit-to-label mode) completely out of sight
  • bug fix: some message boxes not behaving modally
  • More light scribe enhancements and fixes.
  • circular text now supports hard returns and multiple columns. Added
    some additional CD instant-format tracks layouts
  • objects can now have their sizes & positions locked to prevent them
    from being accidentally moved or resized
  • bug fix: printer alignment dialog not working (version 2.57 only)
  • bug fix: problems loading layouts containing text objects with duplicate names
  • bug fix: problems copying text with hard returns in it
  • bug fix: some internal links in the help file were pointing to the wrong topics

06/08/06Version 2.55 Download v 2.55]

  • added support for reading data CDs and DVDs chapter/titles!!
  • added some extra tag fields for audio CDs (album, composer, genre, year, comment)
  • you can now click on the borders of a selected object, not just the resize blocks, to resize the object
  • when you drag the tracks dialog around, the label maker will remember where you left it and put it back there the next time you open it, unless doing so would cause any part of it to be offscreen
  • bug fix: if there was an error saving a label, the software gave no notification to indicate there was a problem
  • bug fix: fold lines weren't printing on jewel case booklets
  • bug fix: channel-swapping bug in image brightness feature
  • Fix for printing to some printers when printer is off or unavailable - was crashing

03/14/06Version 2.50 Download v 2.50]

  • Fixes bug in calibration wizard with virtual drivers, such as fax printers.
  • auto-setting the paper bin & media type for Canon printers on
    printable-disc printouts (can be disabled from the Miscellaneous page
    of the Preferences dialog)
  • cosmetic changes to the printer-calibration wizard, including an
    insert-paper message box
  • if you launch the software and double-click on a thumbnail in the
    art search/explore panes, the double-clicked image will get set as
    the label background before the how-to-add-art dialog pops up
    (provided you're a 250 ms or faster double-clicker)
  • if you try to set a very small image as your label background (one
    that would print at less than 120 DPI), a warning dialog will pop up
    to ask you if you wouldn't rather make this a tiled background
    the title bar for a selected foreground image will now display its
    DPI (the maximum DPI at which it can print given its current size on
    the label), space permitting
  • double-clicking on a playlist name in the iTunes dialog now behaves
    the same as selecting it & clicking OK
  • the art-search feature will now search the desktop, my pictures,
    and my documents folders before proceeding to the rest of the hard drive(s)
  • added "Why's this menu disabled?" items to the Text, Shape, Image,
    and Background menus.
  • updated the icons for the art-explore and art-search tabs; changed
    "art explore" to "art browse"
  • the new-shape dialog now displays actual shapes instead of just their names
  • added a dialog that lets you set precise sizes & positions for
    images & shapes. Accessible from the "Shape" or "Image" menus or by
    right-clicking on an image or shape
  • added some items to the Text menu to launch specific pages of the
    text-properties dialog
  • if the "crop label holes" option on the Print dialog is checked,
    the paper preview thumbnails on the Print dialog & the insert-paper
    dialog will show an empty hole
  • bug fix: checking & unchecking the "maintain aspect ratio" option
    for images wasn't undoable
  • bug fix: the Shape menu only listed three of the available shape types

02/21/06Version 2.48 Download v 2.48]

  • added a Printer Calibration wizard
  • added a printing-troubleshooting FAQ; whenever you print a label (until you tell it to stop), a dialog will pop up offering to take you to this FAQ if you're having troubles printing
  • added a "Desktop" icon to the explorer tree under the art-explore tab
    the plain-paper CD templates and full-faced printable-CD templates are back by popular demand. Also, selecting a printable-CD template from the combo box will result in a little dialog popping up to tell you how to edit your disc sizes & hole diameters.
  • there's a "don't ask again" option now on the "print with a 1-millimeter safety margin" dialog that pops up when you're printing on printable discs. If you turn it off and change your mind, you can turn it on again from the auto-run page of the Preferences dialog.
  • added a "crop label hole" to the Print dialog. If you check it, the hole area in your CD labels will be cropped to white. This option will be hidden for labels that don't have holes in them, and will be checked & disabled for printable discs ('cause the holes always have to be cropped out for these).
  • added a "don't apply to printable discs" checkbox on the printer-alignment dialog. If checked (the default setting), the alignment corrections you make in the printer-alignment dialog will be ignored when you're printing on a printable disc. This option is available because the alignment error for printing on paper is unlikely to be the same as the alignment error when printing onto a CD tray for a given printer. Now you can use the global alignment dialog for paper alignment correction and the "Edit Paper/Printer Templates" dialog for correcting CD tray alignment error (or use the edit-paper-templates dialog for both, for that matter).
  • changed the number of empty tracks the tracks dialog displays for an empty playlist from 15 to 99
  • moved the "Export as image file" item from the "Save As (Special)" submenu to the main File menu
  • added a "why's this menu disabled?" item to the "Align" menu
  • double-clicking in the instant-label wizard on either a project type or a theme will cause the wizard to advance to the next page
    an explanatory dialog will pop up whenever you click on the "find art", "search for art", etc. menu items. A variation of this dialog will also appear when you click on a thumbnail, unless this dialog has appeared before during the current session or you've checked the "stop bugging me" box.
  • right-clicking on an image thumbnail and selecting the "Set as background|Tiled" option will pop up the custom-tiled dialog instead of just tiling at the default size
  • bug fix: the "find art on your computer" and "search for art on your computer" menu items now correctly bring up the appropriate tabs again. Added an "Add my own art" button on the backgrounds toolbar that also serves this function.
  • bug fix: paper-insert warning strings for direct-to-CD printers displayed \n instead of cr/lf.
  • bug fix: selecting the "show tracks" item on the "Label" menu and clicking the show-tracks button at the bottom of the screen didn't have identical behaviors (the former didn't display a warning message if your tracks listing was empty)
  • bug fix: scrollbars on the label window only worked when the disc tab was the foreground tab.
  • bug fix: scrolling the credits in the About dialog caused redrawing problems on older versions of Windows

01/10/06Version 2.47 Download v 2.47]

  • added a label-alignment dialog that lets you edit the offsets,
    sizes, and hole diameters on individual labels. Accessible from the
    File menu or the little button next to the paper-type combo box.
  • Added support for printable mini CDs on Epson & Canon printers.
  • embed images is now the default; whether or not it remains the
    default can be changed from the Preferences dialog
  • the Preferences dialog has an option to use a higher contrast
    (darker) background for the label window, for users whose monitors
    are near death
  • bug fix: embed images in .lbl files didn't work for .aum images
    (the images in the new art packs)
  • bug fix: if you'd saved a project with embedded images, those
    images couldn't get stored correctly if you did a save-as-layout or
  • bug fix: Alt-key menu triggering didn't work when the mouse was
    over a tab control
  • save-as dialog now warns you if you type in name of an existing file
  • fixed a bug in the images-must-exist theme flag (the bug that's
    prevented us from releasing the DVD Case Art Pack)
  • added the Roxio 8 audio playlist file extension (.dmsa) to the list
    of known playlist file extensions in the import-playlist dialog

11/03/05Version 2.46 Download v 2.46]

  • Fix for memory inefficiencies and slight speedups
  • Slightly darker label background for users with poor monitors.

10/14/05Version 2.44 Download v 2.44]

  • Fix for 98 style buttons on WinXP.

10/11/05Version 2.42 Download v 2.42]

  • Interface overhaul - ie: XP Theme...gradients, etc.
  • fixed an error reading some Unicode ID3 MP3 tags
  • It couldn't find the iTunes library if user had changed the "My Music"
    folder's system location from the default location under "My
    Documents" to someplace else
  • If you changed paper types after importing tracks, you couldn't
    display tracks on any of the new paper type's miscellaneous (non-CD
    or case) stickers

07/25/05Version 2.41 Download v 2.41]

  • added an iTunes dialog for importing iTunes playlists directly from the iTunes library
  • sundry bug fixes to the custom listview control used in the Tracks & iTunes dialogs; double-clicking on the right-hand column boundary in one of these controls will now resize the column to be just wide enough to fit the widest text in the column (provided there's text somewhere in it)
  • bug fix: not handling HTML special characters in Windows Media Player playlist file name fields
  • bug fix: curved/spiral text fields were resizing themselves when you clicked on the text object's title bar
  • bug fix: if you went all the way through the instant-label wizard, then got presented with the "file has changed / save file?" dialog and clicked the "Cancel" button, the wizard wouldn't actually get canceled.
  • bug fix: when you registered the software, the "N days left" link on the label toolbar wouldn't go away immediately -- you'd have to do something to cause that toolbar to get reformatted (such as clicking on another label tab)


06/20/05Version 2.39 [ Download v 2.39

  • Automatically selects the correct paper bin when you do direct-to-cd printing with Epson printers. 
  • Fixes the memory leak.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


06/09/05Version 2.38 [ Download v 2.38

  • bug fix: the Print dialog wouldn't remember the user's requested paper bin and printer properties in certain cases
  • bug fix: if you had a DVD project open and ran the wizard & selected an audio-CD or mini-CD project type, the audio CD's track times would not import into the wizard's tracks dialog
  • bug fix: if you switched the main toolbar type (from large to small icons, for instance) or registered the software, the project-type-switcher combo box would disappear from the main toolbar until you restarted the program
  • bug fix: if you opened the text properties dialog and started adjusting a text object's height or width in the dialog, the text in the text object wouldn't reposition itself for the new coordinates until you exited the dialog
  • bug fix: the backgrounds & layouts windows wouldn't repaint themselves while the promo-script dialog was running at program exit


06/01/05Version 2.37 [ Download v 2.37

  • bug fix: save-images-in-file feature not working for GIF, TIFF, and Raw images
  • bug fix: preferences dialog not loading printer offsets correctly
  • bug fix: print dialog not defaulting to default paper bin correctly (symptom: DVD cases printed on legal paper with Epson printers getting chopped off)
  • bug fix: hole offsets not correct with direct-to-CD printing; most readily detectable when printing in 1-mm extra-safe-margin mode
  • some minor fussing with and rearranging of the "Label" menu (which is now the "Background" menu)
  • bug fix: Was crashing in some cases when being launched from MP3 CD Burner.
  • bug fix: cache problem in some cases.
  • bug fix: software not properly reading WMA tags on Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • bug fix: "Set as Default" option on text dialog fonts page now working correctly again (Unicode artifact)
  • bug fix: when you create a new shape, the software now correctly remembers the last shape color you used (another Unicode artifact)
  • bug fix: corrected the position of the edit control that appears when you select the "rename file" right-click option on the Art Search/Explore thumbnail right-click menu
  • bug fix: some layout thumbnails didn't get centered correctly
  • bug fix: when you create a new layout, you don't have to restart the program before its thumbnail shows up under the layouts tab
  • bug fix: if you do a save-as-layout and a text object that's getting saved in the layout has carriage returns in it, they'll get remembered now
  • bug fix: rare infinite loop (program freeze) when formatting text with multiple font sizes in it
  • bug fix: left & right object alignment not always aligning to the correct fold line (only reproducible on DVD case covers)
  • bug fix: on Win 95/98/ME systems, the list of printers would not show up on the Alignment page of the Preferences dialog (another Unicode issue)
  • Layouts now have a "set as default layout" option, so you can choose to have a particular layout implemented automatically every time you create a new project (accessible via the layout thumbnails right-click menu)
  • Thumbs-loading progress bar that appears when you're loading a new project type now lists a count of total thumbnails & thumbs loaded
  • When the thumbnails get created during the installer, it now creates thumbnails for all project types instead of just CD projects, which should eliminate the delays the first time you try to create a new DVD or mini-CD project
  • You can now set the label maker so it remembers the last project type you were working on (CD, DVD, or mini-CD) and loads a new project of the same type the next time you launch the software instead of always loading a new CD project. (Settable via the "Auto-Run Options" page on the Preferences dialog.)
  • If you haven't installed any of the extra art packs, you'll have a "Download More Art" link at the bottom of the Backgrounds pane
  •  renamed some DLLs so they don't get confused with DLLs of the same name used by other software


03/25/05Version 2.34 [ Download v 2.34

  • bug fix: extra stickers weren't printing correct
  • bug fix: freeze when trying to exit the program while new project-type thumbnails were loading
  • bug when printing fold lines on a DVD case label that's been compressed because the entire label won't fit on a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper
  • bug when printing WMF files as label backgrounds
  • reload paper-bins combo box if user makes any changes in the printer properties dialog
  • support for direct-to-cd printing with several Canon printers


03/04/05 Version 2.32 [ Download v 2.32

  • added support for slim DVD cases!!
  • added a project-type switcher on the main toolbar
  • support for reading tags from DRM'd WMA files 
  • support for a few new paper types
  • bug fix: crash when opening certain kinds of corrupt GIF files
  • bug fix: messing up long path names on the File-Search pane (another Unicode issue)
  • bug fix: a tracks text formatting bug
  • bug fix: some right-click options on the art search & art explore pane thumbnail menus weren't working
  • bug fix: minor alignment issue with the resize bar that splits the main window in two
  • minor changes to the promo script
  • more supported CD/DVD stickers


02/17/05 Version 2.29 [ Download v 2.29

  • added support for reading GIF, TIFF, and several varieties of Raw image files
  • added an Align menu so you can align objects to the left, right, center, etc. label edges. Also takes holes & fold lines into account.
  • added a "Help! I've lost my registration!" item to the Help menu. It launches your browser and takes you to the automated-lost-codes URL.
  • modified the about box to give credit to the people who wrote the various image decoding code we use
  • some noodling with the promo script
  • changed the encryption method used on the paper stock & promo script files to one that will compress better (that's why the installer's about the same size despite adding the library code for GIF, TIFF, and Raw files)
  •  updated the first-day-discount offer to work through the end of the year (in version 2.27, it expires at the end of this month, so we need to release a new version before March); also added a registry entry for disabling the discount
  • changed the registration dialog text from "Enter your registration email" to "Enter your registration ID" (so we need to update the stationery once this version goes live)
  • bug fix: now saving/restoring custom-color menu colors correctly again
  • bug fix: fixed a crash when saving a custom layout that has the same name as a previously existing custom layout
  •  bug fix: couldn't open saved .lbl files if they contained images with path/name locations longer than 130 characters
  • bug fix: extension codes working again. Also changed the extension codes.
  • bug fix: printing no longer fails on 8.5 x 11 paper for printers that can't handle custom paper sizes without manual adjustments
  • bug fix: if the purchase URL returned by ProductPurchaseLink didn't contain "" in it, the create-the-URL function forgot to copy the buffer before returning & the label maker attempted to browse to a blank URL


12/15/04Version 2.27 [ Download v 2.27]

  • Fix for WMA loading problem.  Will load WMA files now without crashing.

12/10/04Version 2.26 [ Download v 2.26]

  • Multi-byte UNICODE support!!  This version allows you to paste in Chinese, multi-byte unicode characters, etc.!!
  • Supports version 4.0 CBS file
  • Fixes problem with thumbnail creation.
  • Weird and very rare crashes on Win98 and WinME.
  • More supported paper types.
  • tooltips weren't working on win 95/98/me
  • explorer tree control in art-explore window wasn't working in win 95/98/me
  •  impressive resource leak on win 95/98/me when printing curved text
  • wasn't correctly setting default tracks formatting for new documents
  • slowdown/freeze when typing very large numbers into the curved-text fixed-start-angle edit control
  • clipping bug when printing some types of shapes that extended beyond label's bounding rectangle
  • Fresh trial for upgraders from previous versions
  • has all the new paper stocks we've been adding lately
  • the forward/back/cancel buttons in the wizard are no longer disabled while theme thumbnails are getting built
  • fixed a couple bugs relating to saving curved text parameters in layouts and themes
  • if you're importing tracks one at a time (i.e., by using the Import feature to import individual mp3 files instead of playlist files) and you have the "replace existing tracks" option checked, a message box will pop up and offer to change that setting for you
  • upgraded to the latest version of the public libpng library for reading PNG images (the existing version had a buffer overflow vulnerability)
  • all sorts of techniques intended to eliminate the I-can't-get-registered tech support issue
  • selecting a new format (spiral, 2 columns, etc.) from the auto-formatter no longer sets your fonts to what they were in the layouts that the formats are based on
  • fixed bugs that could cause your printer settings to be incorrect if you upgraded from a non-Unicode version of the software
  • fixed some bugs related to text selection
  • fixed some bugs that could cause the software to incorrectly set the paper size for printing if the paper size wasn't letter or A4
  • fixed some Unicode-related bugs that caused printing not to work at all in Windows 98

8/16/04Version 2.18 [ Download v 2.18]

  • Fix for Win98/ME printing crash.
  • Fixed problem calculating font height for Arial narrow/bold
  • Occasional problem calculating track object size after switching from spiral layout to non-spiral.

7/24/04Version 2.17 [ Download v 2.17]

  • Fixes crash on Win98 with certain old printer drivers.
  • Undo after changing image to black & white would cause the image to disappear.

7/20/04Version 2.16

  • New registration system
  • Track formatting dialog
  • Reads MP3 CDs
  • New art display options in find and browse art tabs.
  • New paper types
  • New marketing dialog
  • Bug fixes

2/20/04Version 2.10

  • fixes the rubber-band-drawing bug that Greg found
  • better spacing for the latter 180 degrees of spiral text
  • Wednesday's project: incoming playlist track titles & artist names get sent through the de-htmlifier, which replaces %20 and &nbsp with a space, &apos with an apostrophe, etc. etc. Code for this function, as well as a general purpose search-and-replace function that it uses, are in stringy for whoever cares to use it.

2/19/04Version 2.09

  • Curved and spiral text support!
  • Much improved track layout controls.
  • Many more supported CD and DVD templates/CD jewel case paper
  • More playlist support, including iTunes playlist support
  • Bug fixes!

7/10/03Version 1.42

  • Fixed problem with ShareIt engine update
  • Includes new version of ShareIt engine
  • More art dialog shows correct #
  • Defaults to Neato full face.  

6/25/03Version 1.40

  • Added ShareIt integrated purchasing.  You can now buy the software without having to launch a web-browser.  Also, this allows automatic ESD builds for affiliates.

6/11/03Version 1.38

  • Fix for art pack themes not showing up properly
  • Fix for Open dialog said "Save label" . ;-)

6/10/03Version 1.36

  • Now reads CD-Text (Assuming you have a drive capable and a CD that has CD-Text on it)
  • Much faster loading, speed improvements
  • Added some DVD themes to the wizard
  • Added more paper types
  • Can now save a label and embed the images inside of the .lbl file...Great for sharing label designs across different computers.  (May make large files though)
  • Parse Windows Media Player 9 playlists and Emusic playlists.
  • Play list search feature
  • Bug fixes

02/24/03Version 1.29

  • Added 'Save this label as an image' option under File | Advanced menu so that users can make their own jpegs, bmps from their labels...very useful for sending art to mastering facility, etc.
  • Bug Fix: Setting label hole size if the disc label wasn't the foreground pane when the program launched
  • Bug Fix:Made sure the registration reminder text on the label toolbar gets redrawn after a user with an expired trial clicks the 'please, just 2 more days.' button.
  • Bug Fix: Made sure label pane gets repainted after guilt screen goes away.
  • XP background texture slightly more retouched.

02/19/03Version 1.28

  • Standard open/save file dialogs would not show My Docs and My Desktop on some systems.
  • Launching browser fix
  • Art explore remembers last directory
  • new logging capability for helping with support and bugs.
  • holes in cd labels will reflect actual label you are designing for.  (DVD Labels will show smaller holes.)
  • Can select paper type from bottom of each label type.
  • Additional label stickers supported. (Those extra square labels on the CD labels can now be edited and printed)
  • Limited parsing of ogg and ra files for importing playlists.
  • Filename parsing ability for tag info.  Will try to auto-extract artist and title from the filename.
  • Support for new label types
  • Bug fixes

01/13/03Version 1.24 - Added 2 new features that our customers specifically requested.
  + Read CD contents/track list via CDDB/FreeDB lookup
  + Templates to create DVD case labels!

- More supported label types

- Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.

09/09/02Version 1.20- Added support for some new paper types:

  • Meritline US CD, full-faced CD, CD jewel case, & mini CD
  • CD Stomper A4 CD & CD jewel case
  • Micro Application A4 CD & full-faced CD

- Ctrl-P launches the Print dialog

- Fixed a bug that would cause the print dialog to not always correctly select labels when # copies was set to 2 or more

- Added a "how do I add my own clip art images?" menu item to the top of "Image" menu. Selecting this item will launch the adding-your-own-images help topic. We removed this menu item many months ago on the grounds that it was a GUI blooper, but we've had such a high number of uninstall surveys stating that they're uninstalling because the program doesn't let you add your own images that I've decided to bloop away regardless. I also added a couple bitmaps to the help topic to show the row of tabs you click on to select clip art search or clip art explore & to show you that you need to scroll via the right arrow if the clip art tabs aren't in view.
- CBS files from older versions would not work with MP3 CD Burner 2.0 it correctly imports them.

09/09/02Version 1.19 - When you import a playlist, you now have the option of appending to or replacing your existing tracks.

- Fixed a bug that caused save & undo not to work in rare circumstances (Donda seems to be able to reproduce this bug on her computer)

-  There's a workaround for the famous printing problem with HP 600, 790C, 1150C, & who knows what other printers

-  The program can import playlists that have .wma files in them. ASX (Windows Media Player) playlists that contain CD audio tracks instead of sound files should parse correctly. When you install the label maker, the install program will notify you if you don't have the necessary Microsoft files for WMA handling & will offer to help you download them.

-  The program will now correctly display the characters that result from pressing the "Alt Gr" key on a Danish keyboard. So you can all stop worrying about that one.

-  Added support for a bunch of new paper stocks: PressIt US CD & CD jewel case labels, PressIt A4 CD labels, IBM US CD labels, Lorenz Bell A4 CD & CD jewel case labels, TDK US CD labels, HP US CD & CD jewel case labels, Neato Full Coverage US CD labels, a few more Avery A4 CD labels. Also now display all the Avery labels we know about, even if they reuse a template we've already listed. Made some corrections to the Neato US templates, which I appear to have been drunk by a millimeter or so when I first measured them.

-  If you open a .lbl file and the file points to an image file that doesn't exist, the program will see if it can find that file in the backgrounds directory. If it still can't find the image file, it'll pop up a dialog to let the user search for the file.

- The program can now import .wmf clip art files

-  Moved the graduation theme from the regular download to art pack 1 (to reduce download size)

-  When you print a label on plain paper, the program will center the label on the page. This makes it possible to print the inside of a CD jewel case booklet (you need to create a second .lbl file or overwrite the CD jewel case designs on your existing one, though).

-  You'll get a warning message when you launch the print dialog if you have less than 200mb of free hard disk space.

-  When you import a track list in the wizard, the track list file name should appear as the default CD title on the next page of the wizard. I'm not sure when I broke this feature, but it's back now in all its glory.

-  When you print a label on plain paper, if you've got stretch-label settings, a dialog will pop up to ask whether or not you want to ignore the stretch-labels settings for the plain paper labels. We recommend that you do, because the stretch-label settings are designed to help you fit your label onto a pre-made form, and stretching on plain paper would just make a label bigger than it's supposed to be.

06/21/02Version 1.13 - Supports mini-CDs
- More supported label stocks! (Neato & Zweckform A4, Data Becker US letter, Avery A4 labels.)
- Support for art packs.  Coming soon!
- Trial extended to 7 free prints, instead of 5.
- Lot more bug fixes05/03/02Version 1.10 - First Non-Beta release!
- More supported label stocks!
- Print dialog supports fold lines when appropriate
- Adding your own images help added to help file
- Lots of bug fixes04/05/02Version 1.07 (BETA)- More supported label stocks
- Paper stock works for DVDs now
- Right click row on tracks dialog has 'delete row' and 'delete field'.
- Defaults to small toolbar if you're running at a low res
- ASX playlists should parse correctly now
- Will add missing files in playlists to tracks now
- Clip art explorer refreshes computers contents now
- More hotkeys for text objects
- Angled text fix with effects
- Undo/Redo works for angled text
- Printer name appears on the 'insert paper' dialog
- Networked printers working for NT/2000
- Fix for no printer installed scenario
- Fix in printing tiled backgrounds
- Other miscellaneous fixes. :)03/15/02Version 1.05 (BETA)- Initial Public Beta Release.
- [Contains minor bugs]