I'm Not Hearing Audio

Last updated: November 26th, 2008

Category: Troubleshooting

If you click on a piano note and don't hear anything, there are a few things you can check here.


1. Are the speakers on and plugged in?  (Sorry, management made us ask.) 

2. Is the correct audio device configured?  Check the preferences, click the "Audio Device" page and make sure that the correct default output is chosen.

3. Can you choose a different audio driver type such as WaveRT (Vista only), ASIO or Wave?  Go into your Preferences from the File menu and select the "Audio Device" page.  Click ASIO, WaveRT or Wave.  Configure the newly selected driver with the correct default ouput and driver.

4. Load the volume control that came with your sound card and make sure that the Wave device is turned up and not muted.

5. Can you play an audio file through Windows or another sound application?   If you can't there may be a problem with your sound card's configuration or drivers.  Refer to your sound card documentation to try to figure out what is wrong.

6. Update or install your sound card's drivers.  Check their website for the latest drivers and documentation.

Also, see the important sound setup page.