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document 1261 - HOWTO: Can I slow down a video? Can I speed up a video?
Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the end of a video clip to the right to slow the video down. Ctrl+drag the end of the clip to the left, to speed up...
29 Apr, 2016
document 1260 - HOWTO: I can't load my video file into Mixcraft!
Mixcraft uses Microsoft DirectShow to decode videos. Make sure Windows and your graphics drivers are up to date. By default, Mixcraft recognizes WMV...
29 Apr, 2016
document 1259 - HOWTO: How to slice audio and send it to the performance panel.
Mixcraft 7 allows you to automatically slice up selected audio and send it to the Performance Panel so you can trigger the sections of audio clips. ...
29 Apr, 2016
document 1258 - HOWTO: How do I select whether the volume of a track affects the send.
You can control whether the volume control on a track affects audio going to a send track. Just right-click on the send knob, select Send Volume...
22 Apr, 2016
document 1256 - HOWTO: How to I add a high pass or a low pass filter to a clip in Mixcraft?
Change the volume setting at the top of Mixcraft's screen to one of the low pass or high pass settings, then modify the envelope setting on the...
20 Apr, 2016

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document 861: Acoustica Registration Codes
Most Acoustica programs have a four part registration code in the following format: 12345-12345-12345-12345 (Each part consists of five numbers or...
05 Sep, 2012
document 836: Where can I find a good vocal remover?
DJ Twist & Burn has a built in vocal remover! Right click on a song and select "Vocal Remover 1", "Vocal Remover 2" or "Vocal Remover 3". If...
30 Apr, 2015
document 1001: Hook Up Your Record Player or Cassette Player To Your Computer"s Sound Card
One of the biggest stumbling blocks to recording your LPs and cassettes to CD is how to hook up your record player or cassette player to your...
19 Jun, 2008
document 808: Where can I get art for wedding CD labels?
Registered users of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker get more than 1,000 original backgrounds, including individual backgrounds and entire themes...
29 Apr, 2015
document 901: How many songs can I put on an audio CD?
Audio CDs are time based. The maximum number of songs is 99. However, the actual number of songs that you can fit on a CD will depend on how long...
19 Jun, 2008