Welcome to Mixcraft 10, a powerful recording DAW software offering the tools and performance power to create professional music and video projects... easily!


This manual was written to provide a full walkthrough of the steps that an artist may encounter when using Mixcraft. It manual provides a range of step-by-step instructions and explanations of all of Mixcraft’s features. We’ll also throw in some helpful tips “outside-the-box” tips along the way.

Blue underlined text indicates links to other sections of this manual. Italicized text usually means we’re referring to an onscreen control or dialog text or a key on your computer’s QWERTY keyboard.

This online manual is provided in English. An up-to-date and downloadable PDF version of this guide is available through the link above. Online translations (only) in additional languages are available.


Acoustica periodically provides updates to software. You can easily obtain these updates through Acoustica’s website. To check for updates, go to the Help menu at the top of the screen and choose Check For Update...


We’ve made a heck of an effort to include as much Mixcraft 10 information as possible in this manual, but if you get stumped, we encourage you to check out the Mixcraft Knowledge Base or contact Acoustica Tech Support.

Additionally, the Mixcraft User Forums contain tons of useful archived information and support not only from the Acoustica tech support staff, but seasoned Mixcraft users.

Welcome to the Acoustica family... we hope you’ll enjoy Mixcraft 10 and make some great music (and video) along the way!