Mixcraft 10 Recording Studio Included Instruments

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A huge library of carefully sampled orchestral instruments, drums, synthesizers, pianos, organs, guitars, basses, and more, all mapped to the General MIDI specification.


This incredibly accurate recreation of the famous Sequential Circuits Prophet-5™ synthesizer takes the concept even further, with increased polyphony, added effects, and more. This classic analog synthesizer dominated the music of the late 70s and early 80s. These amazing instruments are difficult to find, highly collectible, and are worth thousands of dollars, but Messiah nails the tone and experience of using a real Prophet-5™.


The Moog Minimoog™ is the most famous analog monophonic synthesizer in history. Invented by the late Dr. Robert Moog, this instrument took the intense sonic power of a Moog™ modular synthesizer and put it in a portable instrument that revolutionized music. The MinimogueVA is a detailed recreation of the Minimoog™ sound, complete with huge bass sounds, powerful lead sounds, and a whole lot more.


The Hammond Organ, invented by Laurens Hammond in the 1930s, has had a major impact on nearly every popular music genre, from gospel and blues to rock and pop. Paired with a Leslie™ speaker, there may be no more expressive and powerful musical instrument in the world. The VB3 Organ recreates the sound and controls of the famous Hammond B3™ organ, paired with a Leslie™ speaker.