Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio in the Classroom

Mixcraft School License Program

Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio is translated into 18 languages and installed in over 10,000 computer music labs worldwide. Known for its ease of use, Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio is the perfect introduction to music recording software for middle and high school students. Mixcraft's robust feature set, complimented with a free 16-chapter curriculum, content, and lesson plans, is ideal for college-level courses to help students develop critical music recording skills and knowledge.

Benefits of the Program

Mixcraft Lesson Plans

Our Mixcraft 10.5 Teacher’s Guide is designed to compliment educational programs that use Mixcraft, and examines Mixcraft’s many capabilities. Suggestions on how Mixcraft can be incorporated into both music and non-music assignments (e.g. marketing/advertising, podcast creation, and the spoken word performances) are provided throughout the course of the book. An “Additional Materials Download” includes teaching aids, such as printable lesson plans (in PDF form), that give students and educators the ability to work through assignments together. More importantly, the text offers strategies for teaching these principles and articulates complex concepts in terms that students will understand.

The Mixcraft 10.5 Teacher's Guide contains 16 lesson plans, and is designed for middle school, high school and college students. It is available as an online document, with an option to download a PDF version and an Additional Materials file, and is included free with the Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio School License.

No Annual Subscription Fee

No need to renew a subscription service. Schools own the Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio School License in perpetuity.

Teacher Work@Home License

Teachers are provided a personal license for Mixcraft on request. This allows them to access and work on their projects and assignments at work or from home.

MSI Installer

Deploying Mixcraft to multiple computers in multiple schools or locations can be easily done with our Microsoft-compatible MSI installer.

Technical Support

Access free technical support via email 7 days a week here.

Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio School Prices:

The prices quoted above are per user. Prices are for USA and Canadian schools. Prices in other countries may vary according to distribution arrangements and local taxes. Here is a list of Authorized Acoustica Academic Distributors and Resellers.

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