Mixcraft Teacher's Guide

Mixcraft is a fun and easy-to-use program that instantly turns your computer into a fully-stocked music recording studio. The Mixcraft 10 Teacher's Guide complements educational programs using Mixcraft in the classroom.

The Mixcraft Teacher's Guide examines Mixcraft's many capabilities, including digital signal processing and music composition. It provides numerous examples for incorporating Mixcraft into both musical and non-musical assignments, including marketing and advertising, podcast creation, spoken word performances, and more.

The Mixcraft Teacher's Guide includes a free "Additional Materials Download," including printable PDF files of lesson plans, allowing teachers and students to work through assignments in tandem. More importantly, the text offers strategies for teaching all aspects of digital music and sound creation in a fun and easy-to-understand fashion.

The Lesson Plans

Following numerous requests for tailor-made Mixcraft lesson plans, the Mixcraft Teacher's Guide offers 16 detailed lesson plans designed specifically for grade, middle, and high school students. The lesson plans are divided by estimated classroom time and relevance to interdisciplinary topics.

  • Chapter 1 offers suggestions for constructing a music lab. Various designs are offered to assist educators in creating an ideal teaching environment.

  • Chapter 2 examines Mixcraft’s various functions and features, including interface details and preferences for tweaking the software to match individual classroom environments.

  • Chapters 3 and 4 feature brief tutorials on two key areas, using both audio and MIDI with Mixcraft.

  • Chapter 5 details Mixcraft’s video functions for educators interested in developing film or video lesson plans.

  • Chapter 6 examines Mixcraft’s additional features, including virtual instruments, effect plugins, loops, and instruments.

  • Chapter 7 discusses Mixcraft’s immensely powerful music composition tools.

  • Chapter 8 offers educators guidelines for using the included lesson plans.

Chapters 9-24 are the Lesson Plan Projects:

  • Chapter 9 Vocal FX Project

  • Chapter 10 Mixcraft Mixlibs Project

  • Chapter 11 MIDI Instrument Survey Project

  • Chapter 12 MIDI Beats Project

  • Chapter 13 Live Loop Improvisation Project

  • Chapter 14 Remix Project

  • Chapter 15 Sound Collage Project

  • Chapter 16 Debate Podcast Project

  • Chapter 17 Rap Improvisation Project

  • Chapter 18 Lyrical Songwriting Project

  • Chapter 19 Radio Jingle Project

  • Chapter 20 STOMP Notation Project

  • Chapter 21 Film Scoring Project

  • Chapter 22 Commercial Project

  • Chapter 23 Beatboxing Project

  • Chapter 24 Neural Symphony Project