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Pattern Editor/Sequencer
document 775: Does Beatcraft support triplets?
Yes! Unlike many drum machines, hardware and software, Beatcraft supports triplets. In fact, not only does Beatcraft support triplets, but it supports both 8th note and 16th note triplets. An 8th note triplet turns an entire beat into a triplet, whereas a 16th note triplet will turn half of a beat...
24 Apr, 2008
document 776: How do I create a flam in Beatcraft?
Try increasing the number of steps per beat to 32, and then placing a quiet drum hit next to a loud one. Click on the "4/4" (pattern time) option at the top of the screen to set the number of steps per beat.
11 Apr, 2008
document 777: Do I always have to play a sequence back from the beginning?
No! There are three Play buttons in the Sequencer pane. The first play button will play the sequence from the very beginning. The second play button will play the sequence starting at the current "caret" position. To set the caret, click anywhere on the sequencer track. A black line with...
24 Apr, 2008
document 778: I don't like having to click twice to get a step's volume at 100%! Is there any way to change this?
Yes. Beatcraft's volumes are user adjustable, with up to four programmable volume stages. From the Main Menu, select Preferences from the File menu, and select the Miscellaneous tab. Look at the Step Volume Levels section. By default, Beatcraft's first step volume is 60%, followed by 100%. If,...
16 Feb, 2013
document 779: How do I make the Open Hi Hat sound stop when the Closed Hi Hat starts?
For every open hi hat step you set, set another step after it. Click on the little down arrow underneath this new step and, on this "Advanced Step Controls" screen, set the step"s volume to zero. Next, click to put a checkmark next to "choke previous sound" and then close the Advanced Step...
24 Apr, 2008