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Media Support
document 803: My label/paper stock isn't supported!
We support many different CD/DVD label and CD jewel case templates! This includes Avery, Ace, Allsop, Belkin, Boma, Burlington,CassetteHouse, CD Stomper, CD Technology,CDLabelCorp, Compulabel, Data Becker, Decadry, Diamond, Discwasher, Dymo, HP, IBM, Imation, JP, Label Me, LabelGear, Lelabel,...
29 Apr, 2015
document 804: Can I create mini CD labels with Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker?
Yes! Just create a mini CD project. To do this, select the "New Project" option from the "File" menu, then select the "Mini/Pocket CD" option from the dialog that pops up. This will create a project for you that features not just a mini CD/DVD label, but an insert for a mini CD jewel case as well....
29 Apr, 2015
document 805: Does Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker support half height DVD cases?
Yes, Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker does support half-height DVD cases. Make sure you've got version 3.09 or higher. For the CD/DVD/Mini CD setting in the upper right corner of the label maker's screen, choose "DVD with half-size case."
19 Jun, 2008
document 806: What paper stock and direct-to-CD printers does CD/DVD Label Maker Support?
Go to our Supported labels & CD jewel case list to see the latest list. We're always adding new paper stocks and direct-to-CD printer support. You can install the latest labels by downloading and installing the cd label and jewel case paper updater. NOTE: This requires version 2.1 or higher...
29 Apr, 2015
document 807: Does Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker support LabelFlash?
We do not have plans to support LabelFlash at the present time. Sign up for the Acoustica email newsletter to be notified of updates and other Acoustica news: Acoustica Newsletter.
28 Sep, 2009
document 1155: How do I get a smaller hole in the center of the CD or DVD?
Printing media with the smaller center hole is generally referred to as "full," "full-faced" or "full coverage." When you go to choose your printing template in the paper type setting, look for the "full" version of the template and it will provide the smaller center hole.
28 Sep, 2009