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CD Burning Problems
document 1070: My CD/DVD Recorder Is Not Supported!
Mixcraft 5 and 6 support three burning engines: Primo, Goldenhawk and IMAPI. Note: Mixcraft 7 does not offer the Goldenhawk CD Burning option. The Primo burning engine is preferred because it's the newest and it supports the latest CD/DVD drives. It was introduced in Mixcraft version 4.5. ...
13 Aug, 2015
document 1071: I Am Getting Burn Failures
Here are some suggestions to troubleshoot a burn failure. Try a burn in "Test Mode" first. Try a different blank CD (Make sure it"s not full or scratched) Try a different blank CD from a different manufacturer. Shut down other programs and temporarily shut down your...
24 Apr, 2008
document 1072: How Do I Get Rid Of The Two Second Gap Between Tracks On My Burned CD?
Mixcraft offers three possible burning engine options: Primo, Goldenhawk and IMAPI. In Primo or Goldenhawk mode, audio CDs will not have a two second gap between tracks.  However, if you are burning in IMAPI mode, you are forced by the IMAPI system to have a two second gap between tracks. ...
14 Apr, 2009
document 1073: The Burned CD Does Not Play In My Car or Home CD Player
There are a few things you can try: Make sure that you actually burned the CD! Look at the back of the CD under a light and make sure that you see a difference between a burned area and a blank section. Make sure that there aren"t any scratches or smudges on the CD data surface. Try a...
30 May, 2008