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How To
document 842: How do I get my songs to be balanced and the same loudness?
If you can't stand reaching for the dial in between songs, install DJ Twist & Burn right now! The software has an automatic integrated volume and loudness balancing feature. It works on an absolute scale of loudness on the entire frequency spectrum. This algorithm is based on the Replay...
30 Apr, 2015
document 843: How to burn with CD-Text
First, your recorder must support writing CD-Text. Second, your CD player needs to support playing CDs with CD-Text. (Older CD players will just ignore it.) Most Sony burners and CD players support CD-Text. If you have the right equipment, try the following: If you don't have DJ Twist &...
30 Apr, 2015
document 844: How To Slow Down Music!
If you want to practise along with guitar or other musical instrument, it can be helpful to slow down music. With DJ Twist & Burn dj mixing software, you can easily add a sound, and play it back at any tempo without altering the pitch! Add a sound Right click on the sound and select...
19 Jun, 2008