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document 849: Some songs sound too fast or too slow!
The song has been time stretched too much. If the song has been time stretched, it will have on of the following symbols next to it. This track has been time stretched This track has been time stretched from 10% to 20% This track has been time stretched more than 20% (It may sound wrong.) ...
19 Jun, 2008
document 850: The vocal remover is not removing the vocals well!
Vocal removal is not an exact science and will vary in results from song to song. The algorithms to do so are extremely cutting edge and in many cases it makes more sense to re-record the album or purchase a "karaoke" version.However, here is how you can do it in DJ Twist & Burn.Select a...
24 Apr, 2008
document 851: After burning, the CD appears blank!
Due to ASPI layer system conflicts, you may need to quit DJ Twist & Burn in order to hear the CD you have just burned. This should only happen when using the Goldenhawk burning engine.Of course, it will work on any external CD player, without having to restart DJ Twist & Burn.
16 Apr, 2008