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document 852: Do you have any software for the Macintosh?
Most of our software is designed for Windows, but we do have a Maintosh version of AeroMIDI. You also may be able to run our software on Macintoshes by using one of the programs in this article: Top 10 Applications That Can Run Exe on Mac
16 Aug, 2013
document 853: Help! I have Windows Vista and the help file for my Acoustica program won"t open.
Microsoft has made the decision to stop supporting the .hlp file format in Windows Vista. We've already updated Mixcraft 3 and Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker to the new help file format. Get the latest versions from Acoustica's download page. An updated version of MP3 CD Burner is now in beta and a...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1232: Download the Gold Bundle
Download links for all the Gold Bundle software are included in your registration emails. For your convenience, here are links to the programs in the bundle: Mixcraft Spin It Again MP3 CD Burner CD/DVD Label Maker MP3 Audio Mixer Audio Converter Pro Plus, the free Photos Forever Extra...
29 Apr, 2015
document 855: The software does not start and has a missing DLL.
If any one of our products will not start and says that a particular module or DLL can not be found, simply reinstall that software product.Re-download the software from: http://www.acoustica.com/download.htm
16 Apr, 2008
document 856: How can I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
If you no longer want to receive our newsletter (which is the only repeat emailing we make), you can unsubscribe here.
16 Apr, 2008
document 857: Where do I find the system requirements for each program?
The system requirements for each product can be found on its download page: Mixcraft Beatcraft MP3 Audio Mixer MP3 CD Burner CD/DVD Label Maker MP3 to Wave Converter Audio Converter Pro Photos Forever Spin It Again DJ Twist & BurnNote that all Acoustica products run under the Windows operating...
16 Apr, 2008
document 1157: Is your software available in other languages?
There are some versions of Mixcraft, Spin It Again and Pianissimo in other languages. Please contact the local website for support. Here is a link to the German versions of Mixcraft and pianissimo: http://www.klemm-music.de/demo/index.htm#acoustica Mixcraft in Portuguese: ...
08 Oct, 2010
document 1222: Questions and answers about retrieval codes.
Q: What is a retrieval code? A: Retrieval codes allow you to have your registration code sent to you by email. Your retrieval code will always start with the letters "RC". Q: Where do I find my retrieval code? A: Depending on where you purchased the software, the retrieval code may be on the back...
20 Mar, 2014