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document 863: How do I convert AAC files to MP3 using iTunes?
In iTunes, click on the Edit menu and select Preferences. On the General tab, click Import Settings. Change the "Import using" setting to "MP3 Encoder." Save those settings and you"ll then be able to right-click on songs to convert them to MP3. Note: if you purchased the songs from iTunes, some...
07 Jan, 2009
document 865: How do I record my Vinyl LPs or tape Cassettes to CD or MP3?
Yes.  Spin It Again can record your LPs and tapes, remove clicks, pops and hum! Download Spin It Again here.
19 Jun, 2008
document 1113 - FAQ: Do I need a hardware midi controller in order to use Mixcraft's virtual instruments?
No you do not need a hardware midi controller to use virtual instruments with Mixcraft. If you're using Mixcraft 5 or higher, click on the View menu and select "Musical Typing" to bring up a virtual keyboard that allows you to use your computer's typing keyboard to play notes on an instrument...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1275 - HOWTO: I want to learn more about the Nightlife virtual instrument.
Acoustica's free Nightlife VST is a powerful virtual synthesizer. Learn more about it in these video blog posts: Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part One: Oscillators. Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part Two: Filters Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part Three: Mod Sequencers
23 Feb, 2017