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Audio Formats
document 1065: What's the longest sound I can load into Mixcraft?
If the sound is sampled at 44,100 Hz, the maximum length is about six hours and 45 minutes. With a 22,050 Hz sample rate, the sound could be twice as long. ( 14.5 hours ) The higher the sample rate, the shorter the sound you can load, and vice versa.
31 May, 2008
document 1066: Mixcraft Won't Load The Sound
There are many different types of sound file formats. Mixcraft currently supports the following formats: Wave (.WAV & .AIF) MP3 OGG WMA In addition, Mixcraft will work with the Window's Audio Compression Manager (ACM) to load compressed Wave files, other than PCM. You can...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1067: Sound Plays Back Too Slow Or Fast
If you load in a sound and it plays back too fast or too slow, it's because it is being tempo adjusted most likely. Click on the sound and then click on the Sound Details tab and adjust the sound to be in Time Stretch By mode instead of Adjust To Project Tempo. When a sound plays back at a...
31 May, 2008
document 1068: WMA File Support
In order to load and save to WMA files, you must have support for Microsoft Windows Media Format 7.1. If you are trying to load a WMA file or export to WMA file and the option is grayed out, you probably do not have this installed. To download and install it, please visit...
31 May, 2008
document 1069: How can I load my Beatcraft project into Mixcraft?
You can't directly load the Beatcraft project files into Mixcraft, but you can save the project as an audio file and load it into Mixcraft. In Beatcraft, click on the File menu, select Render To... and then choose one of the audio formats (MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG). Remember where you saved the...
31 May, 2008