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Work Arounds
document 944: How do I register the Mp3 CD Burner software?
To register the Mp3 CD Burner software, open the software, followed by clicking the "enter code" button that first appears. Enter your Email/ID (registration ID) in #1 and your serial code (registration code) in #2. Press the "register" button #3.If you are unable to locate your registration...
16 Apr, 2008
document 945: Why is my registration code for the Mp3 CD Burner not accepted?
If you receive a message that your code is not valid, you may be entering your code into the wrong version of the software. To determine what version of the software you have, open the software. The version number will be at the top. Version 4 (the current version) requires a code that fits in...
29 Apr, 2015
document 946: Can I print my track list? I have over 200 songs and I need a reference print out.
Simply select "Copy Track Information To Clipboard" from the "Edit" menu. After that paste it into any text editor such as Notepad, Word, WordPad or WordPerfect. The standard shortcut to paste is Ctrl-V. (Hold down the Ctrl key and then press V)
16 Apr, 2008
document 1114: Can't load some audio files with unicode (international) fonts.
If you've got some sounds with unicode characters in the filename, you might not be able to load it into the program. In Windows XP: Open up the Windows Control Panel, switch to Classic View if necessary and then open "Regional and Language Options." On the Advanced tab, change the "Language for...
11 Jul, 2008