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document 992: What is the maximum length Spin It Again can record?
Spin It Again is limited to recording 3.38 hours of audio at CD quality. However, you can change the sample rate and other factors to get more recording time. (IE: you are recording an 8 hour book on tape.) Max Time Format 31 minutes 192,000 hz, 24...
19 Jun, 2008
document 994: The screen flashes when I try to record
First, make sure you've got plenty of free hard drive space. Recording audio can easily take up hundreds of megabytes of hard drive space. Next, in Spin It Again, click on the Settings button and look at the Recording tab. Make sure you've got the correct recording device selected. Also make sure...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1117: When I try to record, I hear a terrible echo that keeps getting worse!
On the recording screen, remove the check mark next to the "Monitor' option. This option is only for people recording through USB devices  or anyone who can't hear what's being recorded through the computer as it is recording.
27 Aug, 2008
document 1118: When I record, I can't hear what I'm recording through my computer.
If you can't hear what you are recording as you record it, put a check mark next to the "Monitor" option on the recording screen in Spin It Again. This problem will typically arise if you are recording through a USB device, because the USB interface is bypassing your computer's sound card.
27 Aug, 2008
document 1120: Every time I try to record, I get an error or the program freezes.
Open up Spin It Again and click on Settings. In the Audio settings, make sure that the Sample Rate setting is set to 44100 and the Bit Depth setting is set to 16-bit. If that fixes the problem, see if there are any updated audio drivers for your sound card - if you want to record with different...
14 Apr, 2009
document 1148: I can only get a mono signal when recording with a USB device in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Windows Vista and Windows 7 sometimes seem to default to mono when recording from a USB device. To fix this, right-click on the small volume control icon in your Windows taskbar and select "Recording Devices." Next, right-click on the USB recording device and select Properties. On the Advanced...
28 Feb, 2011
document 1187: There are little pauses or gaps in the audio when I record it or play it back!
In Spin It Again, click on Settings and select the Audio settings. Try doubling the number of buffers (from 8 to 16) and doubling the buffer size (from 16384 to 32768). Click OK to save those settings and see if that helps.
19 Apr, 2011