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document 1005: It's not recognizing tracks correctly
After recording, the Preview & Edit Screen comes up and, by default, automatically chops the recording up into multiple tracks, if possible. If the tracks are not being recognized properly, it could be a variety of problems. 1. Make sure you are recording with a good level. Weak recordings...
27 Jul, 2008
document 1006: There are quiet spots or gaps in the middle of some of my songs on the CD!
This may be due to Spin It Again's automatic track detection feature. If you are using the automatic track detection, it's important to preview the beginning and ending of each song to make sure that no track markers were placed in the center of a song. Automatic track detection works by looking...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1007: I don't have a Line In input on my soundcard!
Some laptop soundcards don't have a "Line In" connector. If your sound card doesn't have a Line In connector, you might consider getting a USB soundcard that has Line In and connects to your laptop"s USB port. If you do have a Line In connector on your computer, but you don't see the option...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1008: It is failing to burn audio CDs
There are many CD recorders, computer configurations, blank CD models, and reasons for burn failures. Here are some things for you to try. 1. Do a test burn! Make sure to click "Test Mode" on the CD Burning Settings Screen 2. Shut down all other programs. 3. Reduce your burn speed. 4. Turn...
14 Apr, 2009
document 1009: The recording sounds like it's under water and warbly
The most likely culprit is that the Acoustica Noise Reduction is on and has a bad noise print. The software uses a noise print to remove or subtract noise from the music. In order to work properly, it needs a good noise print. If the noise print is music and not actual noise, it will sound...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1010: It's not recording anything
1. Make sure that you've hooked up your record or cassette tape player properly. Run the Hookup Wizard! 2. Make sure to set the correct recording source and adjust the level. Run the Recording Level Wizard! 3. Make sure to click the "Record" button and then play back your record or tape. 4. If...
19 Jun, 2008
document 1011: It doesn't recognize my CD or DVD recorder
Spin It Again can burn CDs using three different "burning engines:" Primo, Goldenhawk and IMAPI. Primo is the preferred burning engine because it's the newest and it supports the most CD drives. In Spin It Again,click on Settings, then select the Miscellaneous settings to see the burning engine...
14 Apr, 2009
document 1181: Spin It Again crashes when I try to enter a track name on the Preview and Edit Your Recording screen!
Instead of entering the track name on the "Preview and Edit Your Recording" screen, click on the "Edit Album Info" button at the top of the screen and enter the track information there.
30 Sep, 2010
document 1187: There are little pauses or gaps in the audio when I record it or play it back!
In Spin It Again, click on Settings and select the Audio settings. Try doubling the number of buffers (from 8 to 16) and doubling the buffer size (from 16384 to 32768). Click OK to save those settings and see if that helps.
19 Apr, 2011