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Finding Your Photos
document 969: How can I backup photos and images sent to me by email?
You will need to add your email attachment directory to the "Custom Folders" and make sure that "Custom Folders" is checked. Click "Edit" to add the directory. Check for more information depending on email program that you use. Outlook or Outlook Express - Unfortunately, Outlook does store...
19 Jun, 2008
document 970: What file formats are supported?
The software automatically supports the following image formats: jpg, jpeg, jpe (JPEG) png bmp (Windows Bitmap) jfif, tif, tiff pef, ref, raf, dcr, crw, nef, x3f (RAW digital camera formats) Version build 15 allows you to edit the support file format types. Just run b15 and...
30 Apr, 2015
document 971: What are the different search options on the second screen?
"My Pictures" checkbox - This will add all photos found under your My Pictures directory. (This will not add pictures from other users on your machine.) "CD/DVD Drives" checkbox - This will add any photos found on any CD or DVD drives on your computer. "Cameras/Removable Drives" checkbox - This...
11 Apr, 2008
document 972: How do I remove a folder of photos or images I don't want?
The software is really designed to back everything up and err on the side of over-doing it. However, you can select an image that is in a folder you don't want. After selecting it, uncheck the folder checkbox underneath the preview image area. This is a handy way to remove whole directories of...
19 Jun, 2008
document 973: Why isn't it finding my photos?
Not all images on your computer are your photos and so we have to be selective in the photos we show initially. However, if you know the directory that your pictures are in, you can always add that directory. On the second screen of the wizard, select "Edit" Click "Add" and navigate to the...
19 Jun, 2008