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document 1080: Notes will not stop playing!
If you are playing back Virtual Instrument Clips and some notes continue to play after stopping, then you have "stuck" notes. The solution is to click MIDI Reset! from the Mix menu. This should stop all stuck notes on the virtual instruments configured on the Virtual Instrument...
24 Apr, 2008
document 1081: Problems loading the optional Acoustica Grand Piano or Acoustica Classical Piano VST instruments
The Acoustica Grand Piano and the Acoustica Classical Piano VST instruments have high-quality sampled audio and are therefore very large: 250" MB each. If your computer has less than 1 GB of RAM, you may find that you cannot use these virtual instruments, because 512 MB of RAM is just not...
24 Apr, 2008
document 1082: Is there a list of all the Acoustica Instruments?
Hers a list of all the Acoustica Instrument MIDI patches available in Mixcraft. Bank zero corresponds to General MIDI presets. Note: the Acoustica Instruments virtual instrument does not respond to bank select commands. Bank 0: 000-000 Stereo Grand 000-001 Bright Grand 000-002 Electric Grand...
07 Jun, 2012
document 1083: I press keys on my MIDI controller but I do not hear instruments in Mixcraft!
There are many reasons why you may not hear music play when you press keys on your MIDI keyboard. We will explore many of the possibilities below: 1) There are no Instrument Tracks in your project. To add an instrument track, click on Track->Add Track->Add Instrument Track. This will add an...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1084: My instrument settings change when I play my MIDI song!
Often when MIDI projects are loaded from .MID files, each track contains at least one Program Change message. A Program Change message is a special MIDI message that tells the instruments what sound to use. A typical example of this problem might read: "The instrument was originally trombone...
05 Oct, 2010
document 1113 - FAQ: Do I need a hardware midi controller in order to use Mixcraft's virtual instruments?
No you do not need a hardware midi controller to use virtual instruments with Mixcraft. If you're using Mixcraft 5 or higher, click on the View menu and select "Musical Typing" to bring up a virtual keyboard that allows you to use your computer's typing keyboard to play notes on an instrument...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1125: The VB3 Organ virtual instrument isn't working.
The VB3 virtual instrument does not work when your sample rate is set to 192000 Hz. Click on the File menu, select Preferences and look at the Sound Device preferences to see your Sample Rate setting. The solution is to choose a lower sample rate.
30 Sep, 2008
document 1145: Mixcraft is not recognizing any MIDI data from my MIDI controller and I have a Logitech web cam.
We found that the installation of certain Logitech web cams under Windows XP prevented Mixcraft from recognizing MIDI data. The fix for this problem requires that you edit your Windows Registry, so don't attempt it unless you're comfortable doing that. 1. Click on the Windows Start menu, select...
04 Feb, 2009
document 1162: My MIDI tracks aren't loud enough in relation to my audio tracks!
In Mixcraft, click on the "Change Instrument" option to the left of your MIDI track. Next, click on "Show Details," and type in a higher value for the volume setting. For example, you could change the default "100%" to "200." Now play the track and see how it sounds. Of course, in addition to...
04 Dec, 2009
document 1167: When I try to play certain chords or key combinations using musical typing, it doesn't always work!
Some PC keyboards do not support pressing more than a couple of keys at the same time. If your keyboard is like this, you may not be able to play certain chords using musical typing. The solution is to get a MIDI controller keyboard, like something from M-Audio or Korg.
17 Feb, 2010

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