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document 1099: My computer isn't connected to the Internet, but I want to install Mixcraft.
Download a "full" version of Mixcraft 6 without the loops: Download Mixcraft 6 Installer (For Non-Internet Computers). Or purchase the box version of Mixcraft 6. For older versions of Mixcraft: Download a "full version of Mixcraft 5 without the loops: full version of Mixcraft 5. This...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1180: When downloading the big Mixcraft 5 installer with all the loops, I get a message about inserting disk 2.
This problem occurs when you try to install Mixcraft without extracting the zip file first. Right-click on the installer zip file and select "Extract All," then run the installation from the extracted files. If that suggestion doesn't help, make sure that you've got all the installation files.
17 Aug, 2012
document 1185: If I create a song using Mixcraft's loops, can I sell it or distribute it without having to pay Acoustica?
Providing that you legally own a Mixcraft license, you may redistribute new works of art, podcasts or other sounds created using Mixcraft's loops royalty-free for any and all commercial and non-commercial uses, but you cannot redistribute the individual loops by themselves in any format, medium or...
24 Mar, 2017