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Pro Tips
document 1098: How to use effects to shape, twist, and radically change an instrument patch
Effects are the spice of life! Mixcraft comes with a powerful suite of audio effects. Most people know how a reverb or delay effect can enhance a vocal track, but it's time to learn the secret that all good guitar players already know: effects, when used tastefully or creatively, can turn a dull...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1238 - HOWTO: So you have a button controller and it's not on our list of pre-supported controllers, or you want it to work slightly differently?
If you have a button controller that isn't in the list of control surfaces, or you want to tweak the configuration of an existing one, you can edit a text file and make it work the way you want. Click here for all the details. Note: this requires Mixcraft 7.5 or higher.
08 Oct, 2015