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Pro Tips
document 1098: How to use effects to shape, twist, and radically change an instrument patch
Effects are the spice of life! Mixcraft comes with a powerful suite of audio effects. Most people know how a reverb or delay effect can enhance a vocal track, but it's time to learn the secret that all good guitar players already know: effects, when used tastefully or creatively, can turn a dull...
17 Aug, 2012
document 1238 - HOWTO: So you have a button controller and it's not on our list of pre-supported controllers, or you want it to work slightly differently?
If you have a button controller that isn't in the list of control surfaces, or you want to tweak the configuration of an existing one, you can edit a text file and make it work the way you want. Click here for all the details. Note: this requires Mixcraft 7.5 or higher.
08 Oct, 2015
document 1243 - HOWTO: Want to make a MIDI track into an audio track?
To "bounce" a MIDI track to an audio track, just right-click to the left of the virtual instrument track and select "Mix To New Audio Track."
14 Apr, 2016
document 1258 - HOWTO: How do I select whether the volume of a track affects the send.
You can control whether the volume control on a track affects audio going to a send track. Just right-click on the send knob, select Send Volume Type, and then Pre Volume Adjustment to send the audio before it gets to the volume control or Post Volume Adjustment to send the audio after its volume...
22 Apr, 2016
document 1271 - HOWTO: How can I improve my vocal recordings in Mixcraft?
When using vocal recording software like Mixcraft, the most important thing when recording vocals is to get a good, clean recording with as little background noise as possible. Make sure the recording level is set so that the audio isn't peaking in the loud parts. Sing across the microphone: point...
21 Feb, 2017