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Plugin VSTi
document 1130: Sympathetic Resonance Is Not Working
Sympathetic resonance is a subtle phenomenon that occurs in real pianos when the sustain pedal is pressed.  Normally, when a piano key is not being played, a felt damper presses against that key's strings, keeping them from vibrating.  However, when the sustain pedal is pressed down,...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1131: I Can't Hear the Hammer Sounds
Hammer sounds are trigger when you press the sustain pedal, release the sustain pedal, or release a key.  These sounds are designed to be relatively quiet, so that they do not get in the way of your piano's notes.  However, as in a real grand piano, they are part of the mechanics of the...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1132: What Is the Velocity Curve?
When you're using a USB or MIDI keyboard controller, or playing back a MIDI file, you may find that Pianissimo doesn't respond quite the way you want it to.  Pressing a key lightly may sound too quiet, and pressing a key too hard may sound too loud.  You can use the Velocity Curve...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1135: How Do I Use Pianissimo With Mixcraft?
Mixcraft will automatically find any new plug-ins, including Pianissimo, when Mixcraft is first run after installing Pianissimo.  Run Mixcraft, and add a Virtual Instrument track.  Click on the Instrument button on the virtual instrument track - it's in the shape of a small piano keyboard...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1136: How Do I Use Pianissimo With FL Studio (Fruity Loops)?
If your version of FL Studio supports virtual instruments, these are the typical steps to use Pianissimo: 1. Click on the Channels button, and select Add One->More.. 2. A list of DXi and VSTi plugins, called the "Select generator plugin" window, will be displayed.  Scroll down...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1146: Will there be a Mac version of Pianissimo?
We don't currently have any plans to make a Macintosh version of Pianissimo.  You may be able to run Pianissimo on a Mac using one of these programs: Top 10 Applications for Running EXE Files on a Mac.
16 Aug, 2013
document 1153: I am trying to use Pianissimo as a plugin, but I keep getting this error: "Error Loading Sample Data."
Pianissimo currently requires a contiguous block of 250 megabytes of RAM in order to load its sounds. Try to arrange it so that Pianissimo is the first plugin that loads in your project. This problem generally only happens with existing projects. So, with an existing project, try removing the...
02 Jul, 2009