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document 1126: I'm Not Hearing Audio
If you click on a piano note and don't hear anything, there are a few things you can check here.   1. Are the speakers on and plugged in?  (Sorry, management made us ask.)  2. Is the correct audio device configured?  Check the preferences, click the "Audio Device" page and make...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1129: Sound Is Delayed Or Lagging (Latency)
The opposite problem of sound breaking up or gapping is that the sound will be delayed and have a latency from the time a note is played  to the time you hear it.  The solution to latency depends on the type of audio drivers you are using.   Reducing Latency Using Wave drivers Go...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1128: Sound Is Breaking Up / Popping Or Clicking
When playing audio and it sounds like it is starting and stopping quickly, it could be because the computer is over tasked due to other programs running at the same time.  In addition, your computer may not be powerful enough to mix the audio.  Always shut down as many unnecessary...
26 Nov, 2008
document 1145: Mixcraft is not recognizing any MIDI data from my MIDI controller and I have a Logitech web cam.
We found that the installation of certain Logitech web cams under Windows XP prevented Mixcraft from recognizing MIDI data. The fix for this problem requires that you edit your Windows Registry, so don't attempt it unless you're comfortable doing that. 1. Click on the Windows Start menu, select...
04 Feb, 2009