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document 1165: I'm having trouble loading videos into Mixcraft!
By default, Mixcraft will support AVI and WMV video files.  However, there are a lot of different types of video files out there.  Knowing what type of video you have is important.     Mixcraft uses the DirectX decoders that Windows Movie Maker or Windows Media Player...
17 Feb, 2010
document 1166: I've loaded a video, but I can't get it to play!
If after loading your video, Mixcraft does one of the following:   Mixcraft crashes with an error window Mixcraft freezes and stops responding Mixcraft's CPU usage goes way up to above 60% or so. Video frames appear distorted   If one of the above is happening, it could...
17 Feb, 2010
document 1174: When I try to load my Flip camera videos, I get an "unsupported format" or missing codec error!
You can use FlipShare to convert the videos from MP4 to WMV. 1) In FlipShare, click "Online." 2) Select "Other Web Sites." 3) Drag the videos you want to convert to the "Add Items..." area. 4) Click "Next." 5) Click "Next" again. 6) Change or just note the name of the folder that will be created...
09 Jun, 2010
document 1183: When I try to mix down to WMV in Mixcraft, I get an E_Fail Directshow error message.
If you are getting an error message like "Directshow error E_fail 0x80004005" when you try to mix down to a WMV video file, try updating to the latest version of Windows Media Player.
12 Jan, 2011
document 1244 - HOWTO: How to unlink the audio from a video track so you can delete it or change it.
When you load a video into Mixcraft, any audio that is associated with the video is linked to the video clip. If you want to delete the audio that came with the video, cut it, or stretch it, you can unlink the audio from the video by clicking the small "Unlink Clip" option in the upper left corner...
14 Apr, 2016
document 1260 - HOWTO: I can't load my video file into Mixcraft!
Mixcraft uses Microsoft DirectShow to decode videos. Make sure Windows and your graphics drivers are up to date. By default, Mixcraft recognizes WMV and most AVI files. If you can't get a video file in another format to load into Mixcraft, you could convert it to WMV. You could use Microsoft's...
29 Apr, 2016
document 1261 - HOWTO: Can I slow down a video? Can I speed up a video?
Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the end of a video clip to the right to slow the video down. Ctrl+drag the end of the clip to the left, to speed up the video clip.
29 Apr, 2016