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Mixcraft Remote Control App
document 1208: Mixcraft Remote Control app keeps pausing or momentarily freezing!
Mixcraft Remote Control requires a realtime connection to your network. If the wi-fi connecton is weak, you might notice that the controls in the app don't work smoothly. The solution is to try to improve your network connection. If you're in a different room from the wi-fi router, try relocating...
03 Apr, 2013
document 1205: How To Allow Mixcraft 6 To Communicate On Your Network
If you are having trouble downloading loops or setting up the soon to be released Mixcraft Remote Control, you may need to change your network firewall settings in order to allow Mixcraft 6 to communicate on your network.   A firewall is a way to control what software is allowed to...
03 Apr, 2013
document 1209: Help and troubleshooting for the Mixcraft 6 Remote Control app.
Mixcraft 6 Remote Control help.
12 Apr, 2013